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I got the Visodate for my birthday earlier this year and love it.  The strap was a bit poor that came with it (bit thin and shiny) so I'd recommend getting a new strap for it - which is no great sweat bearing in mind the price.  The silver/white suits brown or black straps so you could get both and have a really versatile watch.

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Originally Posted by Kaplan View Post

For a similar design I think I would prefer the Tissot Visodate for about half the price of the Ebel:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

That is a stunner for sure. I wish it was a manual wind so the case would be a bit thinner.
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bill, i like a date at 3. more so than at 6 usually.

i think that ebel is ok, and that picture i am sure is not doing the watch service, its a very flat looking pic. i do think though that the tissot kaplan posted is a much more interesting and prettier model. prettier case, luge, dial, hands and markers.
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Originally Posted by mimo View Post


It's a fair point about "iconic".  It can just mean "common as hell" I suppose, but what I really mean by it is two things: distinctive and enduring.  A Rolex Submariner has looked the same for fifty-odd years, more or less.  It's probably the most imitated watch design around, or one of them, and it's still fantastic.  It's not rare, not even individual, but I think it's still gorgeous.  AP Royal Oak.  Even an Omega Seamaster (used, in your price range incidentally), is much-copied, distinctive, and I think pretty.  A Camry is a great car, even if it's not a striking design.  Inherently good, very successful, but not yet iconic because it's not yet romanticised, perhaps.  A VW Beetle or Camper is iconic.  A Mustang is iconic - even if it's a new one.  Not rare, no longer original, anachronistic in concept, and now one of many.  But if you like them, it's never wrong.


I wouldn't read too much additional value into limited editions, though: every maker seems to have new one every year, so although "THE limited" edition might be uncommon, "A limited" edition is not a rare or special thing in itself.  Because almost everything is limited one way or another.



Well said Mimo.  In my mind iconic items don't have to be rare, but they are often ground breaking in design, durable, and something that stands the test of time.  In addition, its often the first model/item one thinks of when you mention a brand name.  As you pointed out if there are several items that aren't rare but they are iconic.  If you asked average people what model first comes to mind when you say VW, I'm sure lots of people would say the Beetle, ask about Porsche many people will say 911.


Limited edition's are the most over used marketing tool, and rarely have much meaning in the grand scheme of watch collecting.  It can be nice in the sense of not seeing it on everyone else's wrist, however often times a limited edition just means a different style of dial and hands.  Then once a company finishes making one version, then just change the dial color and make the next "Limited edition" and that happens over and over again.  If someone really loves the watch they should get it, but the entire limited edition thing is often over done and meaningless.  


Originally Posted by Bill Dlwgosh View Post

mimo, sir...


Thank You again, really, and I very much do like the look of that Orion. Like yourself I do prefer that the date not be at the 3 (I don't mind it at the 6 so much but what do I know, I actively admit to thinking that Navy trousers can look good). 


And of course there are so many options in or around that range. My hesitation with 'Iconic' is that the Camry is iconic? Actually I drive a 'vintage' Corolla so I aspire to the Camry, though I'm moving to downtown Toronto where a lot of people don't have anything for a car, so screw it, I'll buy a watch...and, eventually, a radiator (priorities).


While my avatar is probably still associated with snark inducing jeans and clearance sale shoes I promise you I'm doing the reading... the homework. Oh Yes. Part of the attraction of that Ebel, apart form the pluses you mention, is that in all of the obsessive reading I've been doing lately I only found that Ebel by tripping over it where as Nomos, Stowa, Sinn, Frederique Constant, etc. seem... popular. I mention that there were only 1911 made (the watch is commemorative) with purpose. I like the idea that I'll never run in to someone with the same watch, and if I did, we'd probably end up bonding over our uncommon watches before becoming Facebook buddies.


I won't end up with the Ebel I posted, I'm sure. It's too quick, too easy. There's no 'hunt' that goes along with that check-out-now button. 


So, where does one find the Used Market? I know that I can find used watches on the net but I wonder if WUS or someone has a B&S thread that is known here?

If you like the Ebel, its a nice watch.  As mentioned above I agree with Mimo, don't get sucked into the limited edition thing.  If you love a watch buy it, but often times the fact that a watch is a "Limited edition" has very little meaning.  


Also, I don't think the Camry is iconic.  They are durable cars.  However, its not an enduring design that has evolved the way a VW Beetle or Porsche 911 have.  Those are cars with designs that evolved with time, and the changing market place, yet still maintain much of their original DNA (at least through the years they were air cooled cars).  The Camry is basically maintaining a name and attaching it to a different car every time the company releases a completely different midsize/full size car.    


Good luck with whatever you decide and have fun!

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I like the Ebel more than the Visodate from those pictures, even though I always cite Tissot as a model of good value (and bought one not so long ago).  The Ebel's hands are prettier - the blued second hand is something I like too.  And the dial is cleaner with no text under the logo and those subtle markers.  I'm still after the Orion, though!


But, Bill, there's plenty good about navy trousers.  If you happen to have a grey jacket and some brown monkstraps.  Just a thought. :)

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You guys are great. Thanks for the thoughts and the light reading this morning. :)

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Finally posting a pic of my Speedy with my new strap and deployant all assembled!

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Nice work, Tif, I'm going to cite this to my beloved as the kind of thing I'd like if she gets a bonus(!) Perfectly expressed here I think!

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I am loving this strap. I'm not a huge fan of the Speedmaster bracelet in the first place, but I don't think this strap is ever coming off.
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Originally Posted by tifosi View Post

Finally posting a pic of my Speedy with my new strap and deployant all assembled!
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Looks great! I didn't like how the rally you had posted curves/hugs the case. This one is very nice.
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getting this ready for sale!

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Wow. Love it!
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me too! how to take it without anyone noticing? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

jkjk im no stealer.
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That watch has a very, very nice profile. All these GO pictures lately have me back on the GO train.
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I will be adding another carriage in the morning.  Good night. 

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