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The Watch Appreciation Thread (Reviews and Photos of Men's Timepieces by Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, JLC etc...) - Page 1730  

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Originally Posted by mimo View Post

Cleav; here were my thoughts on trying one for the first time.

Mimo, you're very kind. Fascinating read, thank you.

As a young man I always found frustration in the fact that the apple of my eye was always tantalisingly out of reach, some things just don't change!
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Originally Posted by akatsuki View Post

Ah, I had no idea... that opens some doors, may have to go hit up the watch shop soon.

In the past 18 months, I have tried it on the wrist at the Breguet boutiques in Vegas and NY, as well as the Tourbillon boutique in Gustavia. It does not wear any larger than my Sub. I like it and keep coming back to it. I already have a Breguet, so I keep thinking I will scratch my Patek itch next. But then again, I keep coming back to it...
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His and Hers!!?? (not respectively)
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Newcomer's JLC Ultra Thin Moon really inspired me, what a lovely watch, and I also got interested in the Master Calendar, to add another dress watch to my collection.

With an asking price of around $10, 000 AUD, there are no available stock in the new Master Calendar in Australia, so I tried on the Ultra Thin Moon in pink gold, again, nothing in SS available. The proportions are perfect for my small wrist, the only thing is that I find the dates a bit small to read, which is important to me as I use the date display function all the time for work.

So I decided to wonder around in the 2nd hand watch store on the weekend, been an authorised dealer for some brands too, they had a SALE section in the middle of the store; and there she was, a silver moon phase dial watch with a black leather strap, and 50% OFF, from $4100 to $2050 AUD. Got the salesman to take out the watch, the brand is Maurice Lacroix, which I never heard of, the salesman was telling me that it's in the same league as Longines, a relatively new brand and a new managing director that is making some changes thus some heavy discounts on certain lines. Upon closer inspection, I like the simple elegant dial design, easy to read date display and silver moon and stars.

50% is a really heavy discount and I thought it could be too good to be true, I excused myself and walked out of the store, took out my phone and started to google about the brand and price of the watch, turns out to be a independent Swiss watch manufacturers and also does in house movements, and the pre-discount price is an accurate RRP. So after another 10 minutes of umming and ahing in the arcade with a very serious face, I decided walk back in to try out the watch again, except this time when I walked out, I was wearing the Maurice Lacroix Classique Phases de Lune and $2000 poorer.

Post Purchase

I quite like the single deployment clasp, compare to the double deployment butterfly clasps most leather bands use, since it's very simple to put on and take off. The strap is calf leather with alligator imprints, feels rather stiff and course. I will put some Reno on it to condition it.

I found on the month display, the letters are not displayed horizontally, instead it's at a small angle, which I took it back to the shop and got a 2nd replacement watch. The 2nd watch's Day and Months are displayed horizontally in the windows. However, on the 2nd watch, there are some shiny patches on the leather strap, like glue; so I got them to swap out the strap with the 1st watch. The salesman was saying can't expect much from a watch that is been discounted more than 50%.

Now I will wear this watch happily on a daily basis. biggrin.gif

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Congrats Wurger, you're on a roll. :)

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^^That ML is a handsome looking timepiece. Congrats!
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Congrats wurger - that is a nice, clean piece.
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wurger - awesome pickup story and congratulations. You really scored with this one!

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Congrats Wurger! Thanks for the shout out as well, it makes me happy to know that my words influenced anyone's purchasing decisions. I agree with you in regards to the MUT Moon's date. If I did not have elven eyes, I would have extraordinary difficulty reading the dial. But that may just come with youth!

Your ML looks absolutely wonderful. ML is a great brand that is fairly priced, in my opinion, even at retail. And I really love some of their newer designs, like your moonphase. It looks great on your wrist, and reminds me of the JLC Master Calendar, which is always a great thing. I think having a full calendar is a useful complication. I really hope that it brings you lots of joy, and I am happy that you got it at such a steal!
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That is a nice watch from Maurice Lacroix smile.gif It can be possible to get the Jaeger Le Coultre Master at 50% discount too, although not usually, however, nevertheless, as with most brands one should always expect a significant discount with Jaeger Lecoultre.
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a very pretty time piece indeed!
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No Frills posts a Kate pic with Frilly top - I confused :confused:


As for that ML wurger picked up, I like the set up of the dial.  I have heard of the brand previously but don't think I have come across anyone who has actually owned one for a review.  Wear it in good health!

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Wurger - that is a fantastic piece.

The combination of the modernist date font and bar hour markers makes it look somewhat Bauhausian in a Stowa Antea or Max Bill Junghans kind of way, and adding the moonphase makes it nicely whimsical. If only there was a smiling face on the moon!
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Hey guys, sorry for not contributing here lately.

I've been out traveling through the Dirty South, mainly for business-- but I also made time for some fun biggrin.gif

Trying to catch up with all the recent activity on TWAT...I was about 15 pages behind!

In keeping with the season of all things pumpkin, I put a "trick or treat" NATO on my Hamilton Khaki chronograph:

Crappy phone pic, I know....more to come later....
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