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is this normal?

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I got a chippewa apache boots hoping I could use it for winter here at buffalo ( I moved recently). I've had this for almost a month kept in box and I wore it yesterday and this is what I saw. The leather feels soft and worn out, also wrinkly compared to the other one.
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I wouldnt worry, it just means that, the shoe was made from a lower grade part of the cattle hide than the other one. Which is common on leather shoes and boots (i can spot differences clear creasing differences on shoes and boots of mine). Asthetically I do not think it looks bad on a casual boot like that. There should not be any durabillity issues either since it is not in a spot that is prone to cracking.
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Just wanna clarify that we're on the same page, the left boot looks broken in and soft and the right boot looks completely different? I've never seen this in any of my leather docksides nor in my leather bags
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Your boots do seem to be more more extreme case of differing leather qualities than I have seen on other shoes, I do not think the leather will break down or anything though. If it still worries you or bothers you aesthetically, email chippewa to check if they are willing to replace them.

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My Chips had a similar texture on the outer panel of the right boot, though perhaps not as severe as your's --  I wouldn't worry too much about it.  I've attached a set of pictures I took after applying a coat of Meltonian shoe creme (full post on that is here).  The wrinkling is most visible in the image in the bottom-left.  I did notice that the cut leather edge near the bottom right corner of your picture looks very dry (fibrous) ... You might want to apply some Obenauf's LP (or Sno-Seal) to condition the leather a bit -- it might help with the wrinkles as well. 


Chippewa 20065 "GQ" boots after two coats of Meltonian Shoe Cream (Color #164 Dark Cordovan-Burgundy), lightly buffed and worn for a day. The color in the bottom pictures is more accurate.

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