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 I was told Samuelsohn's policy is they no longer take back things for remake (highly questionable).


I can't speak to Samuelsohn's policy, but I can tell you that I ordered a Samuelsohn suit from a store down here in DC in a model they don't usually carry. Measurements taken were accurate, but the model itself didn't match the description in the Samuelsohn catalogue, and the suit didn't fit properly. I politely but firmly pointed out the problems, and the store remade the suit at no cost to me.


As for Toronto - Harry Rosen has a mix of good and not so great salesmen and tailors. To get a good result, you need to find the right guy. Alternatively, wait for their Samuelsohn MTM event and there should be a rep from the company there to take measurements and give you some advice. You could even take in the other suit and show them what a disaster it is - the store you bought it from is doing no favors to Samuelsohn's reputation. 


Another option for Samuelsohn is Theodore 1922 in the Annex. I bought a suit for a wedding from them in an emergency, and while they lean a bit towards the fashion-forward end of things, you should be able to guide them towards a more classic fit if you're clear with your requirements. 

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You should find a store that has an in-house tailor , so that you aren't being fitted by a shop assistant....whose main

objective may be to get his hands on your credit card ..

I go to Mark Marengo on Savile Row, London where the tailor Eric is immediately called over to make an evaluation of the tailoring 

that he needs to do. You can't beat being fitted properly by the person that is going to do the work.


I don't suggest that you come over to England from Toronto , but just that you look around and see if there is a suit brand

where you can try on the suits and see the in-house tailor at the same time . Its just not the same to buy the suit and take it to

a local tailor as your purchase is already "fait accompli" and he can only work around what he is given....


Of course once you find a brand that you are confident with then its fine to use your own tailor...and build a collaboration.   

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