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What is this? and why?

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So I got my first Isaia suit and was excited so I searched for Isaia on Youtube and came across this video. I really love everything about my suit but I kind of lost respect for Isaia after seeing this. I have never seen someone pop their jacket collar like this and am really dumbfounded. Is it a new thing??


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He thinks he is being fashionable - I have seen it before usually pretentious nobodies.
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The only time you should ever pop your jacket/overcoat collar is if there is a wind blowing and your neck is getting chilled, and your scarf is not doing enough for you or you don't have a scarf.  It's totally okay for you to do that on cold days!  However, he's inside and just wants to show off his ugly contrasting under-collar.  Laugh at how stupid he looks and move on.

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Back in ancient times at Cornell in the 60s, it was not uncommon to see this affectation on
effete undergraduates who were majoring in the Fine Arts or Humanities. The ones I knew
had come from distinguished prep schools and wore high-end Ivy garb.
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