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Obviously style might be a major one on this forum but obviously interested in art, design, clubs and current events as well.


I need something like more advanced than SuFu because let's dissect its business model: it offers paid (updated) PDF files for only a selected few cities and their online maps are useless and hardly up to date for other than their few main PDFed cities. Compare that to which offers completely free (updated) PDFs for a wide range of European cities (mostly Eastern European). Though the focus is less on style and other eccentricities and more on cheap accommodation and mainstream attractions.


So I hope someone somewhere is already working on how to apply the power of social media to an online free updated city travel guide (read: better business model). Do you know of such initiatives? The first rule of business is someone somewhere is already working on it.


Obviously I have no idea if I should post this in Classic Menswear or Streetwear and Denim.