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Hey guys,

So I'm about to try and do one of the things everybody says not to do- alter a suit at the shoulders. I bought an Isaia suit about a week ago, and I adore it, but the seller measured the shoulders wrong- making them about an inch too wide for my body (half on either side). I got a fantastic price, so I have no intentions to return. Anyways, I'm completely sick of nothing fitting me properly after sifting through pages and racks of amazing garments, and I'm ready for something to actually work. It's a three-button, with plenty of clearance between the lapels, shoulders, and front pocket, so to my untrained eye there aren't any immediate unresolvable conflicts with a recut...

A few questions on the matter then...

Any recommendations for a tailor in Seattle that you'd trust to perform work like this? I've heard DeCaro's name thrown around, but while he seems to be heavily hyped, I haven't actually seen any of HIS work- just some shipped-out MTM stuff with his name on it. 

Is there any way to save some of the details, such as the pattern matching, puckering at the sleevehead, etc? 

I know I'll be paying a lot, but a ballpark estimate would be very helpful.

Thanks guys!