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Defending steve b.'s book

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I was browing through Amazon to look for some basic primers on how to dress and I found Steve's book. But, the review had given it only one star out of 5. Since I never read or bought this book, it would be unethical of me to defend it and give it 5 stars. But, all those who have, I would urge them to defend Steve's book from critisism such as 'what is worse the author does not appear to really understand what underlies some of the classical traditions in menswear and as a result advocates a very random approach to dress.' I was going to buy a how to dress book by the reviews, but I'm not sure how I can trust them. Does anyone have any recommendations. I'm looking for something that's very thorugh with illustrations, and gives ideas on combinations. I can't stand those books that are all text, so you have no way of visualizing what they're talking about.
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Esquire- thanks for the heads-up on the reviews. While of course I'm disappointed, I'm not surprised. Both reviewers to me missed the point of the book, which is to be a simple starting point for the average man. Judging from their comments, I think they both are from the Flusserian school, which is a superb, elegant, but intricate style of dressing. IMO too complicated and expensive for the average man... However, their comments, and those of everyone else are invaluable as I begin to prepare a second edition.
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No problem, Steve. I am kind of dissappointed that not a lot of forum members, assuming they bought your book, posted a review. Although, you must have quite a fanclub in SF. Next time, it would help if the reviews were from different cities so that someone could get a sense that this book was approriate for middle america. But, the reviews were harsh for other books too like Glen O'Brien, the question guy for GQ and Details. That book got a low rating too.
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I don't think that many people have purchased my book from Amazon, judging by the sales figures coming from my distributor. And I really like Glenn's book- I own it, and would highly recommend it to anyone.
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Finally got around to ordering this book. I look forward to reading it.
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