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Maine Manufacturing

Rancourt shoes is part of the new-wave Made in America moccasin companies, and has a nice Made in Maine heritage to go with out. Recently branching into more traditional stylings, including Blake rapid constructed oxfords and boots, they’re worth a look, if not a purchase. 

Thrifty Nature


Do you thrift? What’s your best find? What’s your goto store in your area? This thread is the goto center for thrifters, and is a great way to (and a great place) to brag about your purchase and join a burgeoning and welcoming community. 

Jeans and Jackets


How do you pair jeans and a sportcoat? This thread is interesting in that, unlike traditional threads devoted to the topic, it’s in the Streetwear & Denim forum, and has a raft of new ideas and features many brands not found within the common discussion about jeans and coats.