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Originally Posted by Tck13 View Post

Has anyone ever used any of the following for privacy / passwords? Just curious how you liked them.

Diceware passphrase
Whitehat Aviator


These are really shitty passwords.

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Originally Posted by ChetB View Post

I've been using 1Password daily for the past four years and am very happy with it. It lets me have extremely secure passwords that I don't have to memorize. I also store my credit card info, tax documents, and other sensitive info there. Syncing works great too, the developers are always improving it, and it never gives me any problems. Worth the money. I can't speak to the other apps you've listed, but from what I gather 1Password seems to be the gold standard.

I know Apple has been steadily improving their bbuilt in KeyChain service and it now syncs between OS X and iOS, but I haven't played with it much, and I don't think it's as robust as 1Password.

Honestly, I've never even noticed that my iMac had this until now.

I installed 1password and changed many of my most visited sites and just realized that to sync it with my iphone the mobile app is $17.99.


Question: Did you turn off your imac's or iphone's tools to remember passwords? I guess it seems redundant and could be confusing?
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A series of stupid mac questions.


I'm putting a new HD into a mid 2010 macbook. I can clone the existing drive but should I install a clean OS then put all files on via Time Machine? Believe it came with Snow Leopard (10.6) disc. If I install the old SL I assume I just update directly to Mavericks (10.9) via the app store.


How do I share via Dropbox (or any other method) an itunes playlist in the order I wish it to be played. DP (or creating a folder on my desktop) rearranges the songs in some unfathomable order.


Help an old fellow out.



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Curious about what the build quality will be like. Nokia set the bar there with the Lumina series. No one else has even come close with plastic phones, so Apple has a lot to prove here.


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Anybody having success with the music vault youtube channel and an Apple TV?

I subscribed but nothing is showing up in the YouTube app subscriptions. Videos load in subscriptions on ipad and iphone, just not on Apple TV.

I try to airplay vids and they won't load (error occurred message).

Other subscriptions and airplay attempts are working fine. I'm baffled.

It's version 3 and software is up to date.
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Did anybody else install the public beta? I really like the visual overhaul. I didn't have a whole lot of time to play around yesterday but I'm not sure I like the new Spotlight. Maybe it just wasn't indexed yet but I found it to be too slow. 

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I just downloaded and installed Yosemite. I like it.
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Safari is a mixed bag. I love the new aesthetic and how they handle favorite websites, a la iOS' safari. But the performance is choppy in some aspects and much better in others. This may just be me, but GIFs load much quicker. But moving back and forth between pages is a bit slower, for some reason.

Going on YouTube and going 'back' causes Safari to stall and crash.
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Safari has been crashing on me a lot lately as well.
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Lol, I'm trying to submit bugs and shit as they happen, but Feedback Assistant keeps crashing on me.

So meta.
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I really don't like how Safari scales the tabs to fill the entire horizontal space. I also don't like the X being on the left.


I will continue to have no use for messages until it can sync histories. For example, if I leave my computer at work and get a message on gchat it will show up on the hangouts app on my phone on the train. Why can't messages work like this?

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Does it matter what type or kind of usb expansion hub that I get for my iMac? I assume that there is nothing too exciting about them...

Also, do I still need a router for my imac running 10.9.4? I know nothing about wifi and I have comcast cable interwebz so apparently I get wifi for free. I only have a small cisco cable modem that I got from comcast.

If I need a router, perhaps I should just go buy a router and cable modem if they come all-in-one?
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People use Safari?
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Just replaced my iPhone 5 battery with one I bought on eBay. After looking at ifixit, didn't seem like it was worth spending $80 and waiting at the apple store. After having done it, I don't know if I would go this route again. It's a bit harder than it looks and there is lots of room to brick your phone.

Now that it's done, definitely looking forward to new and improved battery life as my old one was down to 40% of capacity - in retrospect I think it failed about a year ago but I always assumed it was because I was running too many apps, etc. New one checked out as an OEM battery with 1402/1430 mah capacity and was manufactured in June so it wasn't a salvage unit.
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Anyone else having issues with the Yosemite Safari where it fails to load pages every 5-10 minutes? It'll stall out for a specific page I'm trying to navigate to, but if I open a new tab concurrently and try to go to a different website, it loads just fine! It's not an issue with my internet connection.

Only after the other page stalls out, can I hit refresh and have it load properly. So fucking annoying because it happens like clockwork.

Seems to only happen with specific websites, too. SF is always fine. YouTube has an issue with this.
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