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Sucks. It is what it is I guess.

I don't think Apple does it on purpose, but they ridoucously over engineer things.

Hope monoprice suits you well.
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Was going to write up a detailed review of the SE, but there are plenty out there, and I think this is one of those devices where if it's for you, you probably already know it.

No device is perfect, but long story short, I love it - none of the downsides are anything more than minor nitpicks (for me).

Older Touch ID? Never had a 6s, so I'm not missing much...though do sometimes wish it was a bit faster.

No 3D touch? See above

Old front facing camera? Meh, not much of a selfie guy. I mostly use the front camera to check if if got anything in my teeth after lunch shog[1].gif rear camera is what I care about.

Worst part to me is probably the step back to the iPhone 5/5s screen - not in terms of size, but quality. 6 and 6s have the edge here for sure.

But what I get is the 4" form factor I missed, upgraded internals/camera, and better battery life than the 6/6s - which is a HUGE plus in my book.

Apple did a great job of cramming the important stuff in, and frankly I'm surprised it's as capable as it is for the price they're asking. Hoping it sells well and a (nearly) full powered 4" model sticks around in the lineup.
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Night Shift is nice until I found out it is for 5s and later models.


My iPhone 5 still works perfectly fine. No hiccups... Hard to find a reason to upgrade but Night Shift mode sounds helpful especially I'm scanning the phone till 2 to 3.

I guess the extra speed and battery life is nice but I never had a problem with it (just don't forget charger while commuting). A phone is a phone to me..
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I've said it many times before. Apple's cables and chargers are shit. They all break way too soon.
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My second charger for my 2011 is about to break off near the end. It's currently being held together by electrical tape.
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Cord itself is a POS, but big part of the problem for iPhone (at least for me) is that it plugs into the bottom of the phone. So end of day when I'm laying in bed on my back with the phone on my chest, there's constant pressure on the cord. They should put a right angle connector on them.

They should also update iOS so that the screen flips if you hold the phone upside down. Some apps allow this, but the OS doesn't.
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I've found the metal part of Lightning cables get scraped up and over time charging becomes less reliable. It's not as bad as the old cable design, but I wish I didn't end up having to purchase a new cable every 6 months.
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Hmm..I've not had that issue. For me, the failure is always where the cable portion connects to the plug.
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Any rec's on a multi charge external battery pack for iPhone 6s & iPad pro ?????


Thanks & enjoy 

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Like a powerblock type thing?

I really like this one.
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Originally Posted by jcman311 View Post

Like a powerblock type thing?

I really like this one.

too big, looking at the Anker hate the high gloss case...use is for travel off grid lol



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Slight speed and battery life bump for the Macbook. I was hoping they would add a second USB-C port or something...
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Can anyone remember the last time Apple has wow'ed them with a product / feature? Cause I most certainly can't.
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I'm still pretty wowed by all my Apple stuff. It's easy to get jaded over time, but my iPhone is still amazing.


For me it's about the small improvements. Really liking Night Mode. Was pleasantly surprised with the latest tvOS update to see that the remote now controls volume for external Bluetooth devices. Pretty cool that it instantly was able to control my TV power too right out of the box. I have no need for any other remotes, which is great.

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I would probably be wow'd by a retina iMac if I had one. My desktop is a hacktintosh hooked up to two 27" 2560x1440 monitors.
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