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Yeah, all Apple cables fray. It's a long standing issue. I've seen it with almost every Apple branded charging cable I have used.

I'm talking specifically here about the connector prongs. The part of the lighting cable you stick directly into the phone. My experience is they all stop working at some point. Usually starts with having to wiggle the Lighting cable to get it to detect it. Then eventually it just stops working all together. That's why I think it may be a flaw in the design since 3rd parties would have to follow the same design that Apple created to make their cables work.
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If you have any device still covered under the 1 year limited warranty or under AppleCare, they will replace any damaged cables for free. I recently went into my Apple Store with 3 broken/frayed cables (admittedly because of wear and tear) and the genius replaced them all for no charge. YMMV as he told me technically they do 1 cable per device
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I've been using iphones since the 4 and have never had any problems with the cables. You guys just yanking them out or something?
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Yeah I used Apple for 7 years now and no issues with ANY cable

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Originally Posted by ramuman View Post

Almost sounds like they want to get you to upgrade now before the 7 comes out.

I'm cool with that. I needed to upgrade before the 7 came out. I wound up getting 6s this week because for whatever reason it eventually worked with device payment and the $100 discount code. I knew I needed to upgrade, but didn't realize how desperately until I got this phone. It was to the point with my 4s that I could only have one memory hog app open at once (e.g. Couldn't use google maps and stream music). Not to mention the battery got even worse since I last posted (sometimes it shut down at 30%+). So if they wanted me to upgrade before the new release, I fell into their trap and am perfectly fine with it. I should be sitting on $200 in gift cards for the next time I need to upgrade
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I'm surprised to hear you guys say that you haven't had any issues with the cables. It's a fairly common problem to have them fray. I suspect the issue I am having is less common, but I know it's happened to my parents and sister a few times over the years.
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iPhone user, no problem with both of my cables since I purchased then same day as the phone on release date.

I just purchased an Amazon certified 6ft cable since I left the spare at a friends house and it's a bit out of my way.

Fwiw there are another 2 cables at home for other devices and I do not foresee any problems. this 6ft cable that is coming will remedy the only problem I have with it.
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I've actually taken to buying braided cables as replacements. They are far more durable and typically only cost a couple dollars more than regular ones.

I had the Amazon cable for a while. It was nicer then Apple's but still crapped out on me after 6 months. Maybe I am just cursed with these things.
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I've been having an issue with the Apple Podcast app. I have it set to not download episodes as I prefer to stream, but it keeps downloading some whenever I am on a wi-fi network. This eats up my space and I have to manually go and delete them. Anyone have similiar issues?
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New version of SPARK was released today. The app has seen some nice improvements since release and I am much more comfortable using it as my main email app now. It still feels a little slow, but I sometimes think that's due to the lack of push support being supplied from Google then the app itself. They re-did the color scheme and it's much nicer now even if I still don't find it as nice as it could be.

They have an iPad app now too.
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Tim Cook vs the FBI. Who do y'all support?
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Let's not Cesspool up this thread. There is a post on this topic over in Current Events.
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Thread in question. I feel like it could be an interesting discussion even if so far the thread has not bore such fruit.
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So a few weeks back I left my iPad on a plane and am now looking to replace it. I only use it occasionally, e.g. to watch movies and not take a laptop while traveling. The kids were mostly using it to play kid games (oldest is 5 y/o). What should I get for a replacement? I'm not going totally baller as I don't want to get hit too hard if (when) they break it.
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