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Originally Posted by ethanm View Post

Delete the app and redownload. Had this problem yesterday. 

I would but it's Instagram and I don't remember what my password is and don't want to deal with the hassle of the reset process.

Sigh first world problems
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Originally Posted by JohnGalt View Post

another cracked iphone screen censored.gif

Why is it so many people seem to be using iPhones with busted glass?
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Because they still work with a busted screen? I had to use one for a week before I could get a replacement
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Not liking the format change that 9 brought to Podcasts.
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The more I think about it, I could really use the iPad pro for work.

It'd be amazing if I could run app simulators on it.
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Anybody else wish that apple would mandate all apps either have a white or blue ground?
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Great article from Lifehacker on battery myths you see get passed around a lot. Most of these I already knew, but it's nice to have it all summed up in a single article.
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I fucking nicked the bottom edge of my screen and casing. Fucking shit. It's all I can see now when I use my phone.
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5400 rpm harddrive in the new 4k iMac. Is that a fucking joke?

In 20fucking15?

wow. Just wow.

Also, does anyone even use and enjoy the magic mouse? that mouse has the worst fuking ergonomics of any mouse I've ever used. It's so clunky and uncomfortable to use.

Another fail on the new wireless keyboard -- it has the same, minimal travel from the current macbooks.

Da fuck?

It's like all the talent and design engineering goes into the iPhones and iPads. The mac related stuff gets relegated to the back burner.
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Why would you get an imac? just get a macbook pro.

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dat 27"
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Buy a monitor, and hook it up to your laptop.

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Magic Trackpad is the truth.

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Pshhh, why buy a big laptop (the pro is the only one supporting that resolution, and it may not even do it at full refresh rate) just to connect to a big monitor?

I could buy an iMac and an air for less money than a dell 27" 5k and a macbook pro (apple doesn't appear to offer a 5k display yet, and the dell one costs more than the whole iMac).
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Just got my Chromecast Audio and set it all up. It's a shame Apple will never integrate support for it in Apple Music. I would have gladly paid for a premium membership if so.

Looks like it's Spotify that's going to get mah dollaz. Oh yeah, I should add that Spotify requires you upgrade to premium to cast plain.gif
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