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Epaulet and Vass


Epaulet, perhaps the most successful retailer on StyleForum to date, is teaming up with Eastern European shoemaker Vass for a series of SF-designed MTOs. In the vein of their previous work with Alden and Carmina, this latest collaboration promises a ton of awesome shoes and some great exotic materials. 


Shoe Buys


And speaking of shoes, what shoes have you purchased lately? In the famous CM damage report thread, SF posters flock to share their latest acquisition. It’s a great place to look for inspiration, or just marvel at what people have.




Yea, I’m going to highlight RRL again because I love RRL. Basically a permanent capsule collection as part of Ralph Lauren’s much wider empire, it’s devoted to reproducing Americana with a special emphasis on the West and the North – think fringe and buckskin.