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Tucking in shirt when torso is too short

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Phone is dying so will type a brief message. Basically, if we are imagining a perfect leg to torso ratio as a 50/50 split between legs and torso, the i'd put mine at about 75/25. My legs = too long, torso = too short. On occasions i have to take off the sport coat which is a lot as a student it doesnt look good. They say if you don't feel it looks good its usually because it doesn't. I've also been mocked to stop pulling my pants so high by people in the past but the funny thing is i'm not pulling the pants high, its just thats how long my legs are. Looks especially bad since i'm short at 5'7 so having legs longer than most 6 foot guys and tucking a dress shirt into that looks extremely bad. I'd rather untuck but then it ruins a smart look. What to do. Looks really really bad when m sport coat is off. I'm also not exaggerating these proportions. Midget body on basketball player legs haha. Please help me out with some advice.
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If you are able, it would help to post a few photos of you wearing a shirt tucked into your pants. We'll try to assist from there. Standing by...
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I'll have to take one. There is a reason I have yet to own a picture of myself without a jacket or untucked shirt on.

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Well take a photo of you with tucked shirt & pants. You can crop off your head if privacy is a concern. Front-side & back shots will help us make suggestions best suited to your needs & concerns.
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Yes I will do. 

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Here you go, picture is up...threw this on quickly before attending my parents church. Resolution is pretty bad but you can see the dividing line...wonky long arms offset the torso as well...more noticeable than I thought. This picture didn't make me feel all that great looking at it afterwards but it's here nonetheless.



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Well here is a start. You can try pants with a low rise. This lowers the beltline. When casual, wear a contrasting belt. This will give the illusion of a lower beltline as well. I did a quick & dirty PhotoShop on your photo indicating this. I also slimmed your pants.
You can try light shirts with darker pants. You could try vertical (up & down) striped shirts.

Watch this video...

If you already have a pair of low rise jeans or pants, put them on and snap another photo for us.
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Do have low rise jeans but i feel kind of trashy/informal...i doubt i could wear low rise anything, especially jeans, in a professional setting or in a way that appeals to gentleman such as all you guys on this forum. Granted with low rise jeans ill be wearing an untucked shirt to give that 50-50 look....or 40/60 is the best i can manage without looking like i have a blouse on. And oh if only i could find pants that fit that slim! Thanks will watch that video now.

*Watched it. Do have low rise, and have a lot of vertical striping shirts. Been battling this for a while so at least i know i have the shirt style down. Can't wear stripes everyday though..plain white or blue shirts sometimes are necessary.
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it doesn't look as bad as you think.

Don't worry about it.
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It looks fine. But you might want to look into better fitting clothes and different colored clothes. I have a hard time believing anyone could look well-dressed with that shirt and black trousers.

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Hard to get a good fit and i cannot afford tailoring yet as a student. Should mention i have much slimmer fitting clothes in school  but at my parents house i keep my beaters since its only church (last place i want to be)

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