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Help finding well fitting dress shirt and navy pants

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Hi all,


I am hoping that I can get some help from all of you knowledgeable folks here on finding some new dress shirts and a pair of navy dress pants.


I have been slowly building up my dress clothes collection over the last two years. I was very ignorant when I started, which led me to buying two suits (navy and charcoal) from Men's Warehouse that don't fit well and are terrible quality (I think every button has fallen off at least once on my navy suit), and have purchased most of my slacks and dress shirts from Macy's. I figured out that I could probably buy similarly priced items that are much higher quality, but quickly became overwhelmed with how many brands there are, which is why I've come here. I should also add that I am a medical student, so budget is a concern for me as I can't spend 150$ on single pair of slacks. At the same time these are also clothes that I will be wearing daily in the future, and I don't want quality/durability to suffer if it means spending a few more dollars to avoid cheaply made clothing.


I am around 5'10" and weigh around 150 pounds, 30-31'' waist, 30" inseam, and 38-39'' chest depending on who's measuring. Overall a pretty skinny guy, but I also rock climb so my shoulders/ upper back/ arms are a lot more muscular than you'd expect for that weight. I've had the problem with a few of my shirts where to get a proper fit in the shoulders, the lower-torso is overly baggy and bunches around my waist when tucked in. What suggestions would you have on brands or a style of shirt that I should look for? I am in need of a solid white shirt for sure, but would love suggestions on versatile shirts that can be worn with many pant colors and ties. I'd like to spend 40-60$ on shirts if possible.


In addition, I'd like to find a nice pair of navy dress pants, but because of the whole medical student on a budget thing, I'm having trouble finding a nice pair of solid navy pants that are around 80$.


Thank you very much for any and all help that you can give!

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I have a pair of Bonobos Monday Blues that I'm very happy with. You may be able to find a pair on eBay at a substantial discount (that's where I bought mine.)

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How are the fit of these? I see they have a slim fit and a straight fit. The straight fit on their website seems fairly slim, but I can't be sure.

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I have the straight leg model. I'm not sure what I can tell you beyond what is contained in the description on the website, other than the fact that I find them extremely sharp-looking and comfortable.

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