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For Sale: Ties!!!!!!

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Shipping is $5 CONUS.  International contact me for price.  Would also consider trades, 1 for 1, 2 for 1, 3 for 1.  I've never owned a Panta or Sam Hober tie and would like to try one out before I place an order in the winter.  I would also consider an Isaia tie. 


#1 Band of Outsiders NWOT  Silk Knit Tie $35 OBO

Purchased in Spring.  Threw away tags and receipt.  Gorgeous tie, but I've decided I don't like knit ties.  Would rather return it to recoup full price, but since I lost the tags and receipt, I'll try to get part of my money back.   SOLD



#2 Boss by Hugo Boss  Excellent Condition  $25 OBO $20 OBO

Purchased a couple years ago at Dillards.  Worn probably 2 or 3 times.  Can't tell it's been worn by looking at it.  Really great tie, but I have multiple blue paisley ties, so it's time to sell a few. 

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#3 Brioni.  Excellent, Like New Condition  $35 OBO $30 OBO

Purchased this summer.  Wore 1x.  Have way too many black ties.  This was the newest of the black ties I purchased this summer, so I thought I'd try to sell it.  Beautiful tie, makes a great knot.  I have this in Brown as well if you are interested.  Although I probably won't sell the brown one.  SOLD




#4 Brooks Brothers Skinny Knit Tie.  NWOT.  $20 OBO

Purchased this over the summer at Brooks Brothers.  Great looking tie.  I threw away the tags and receipt after I purchased it.  Like I said earlier, I realized I don't like the way knit ties look on me.  Unfortunately for me, I purchased 3 recently that I will never wear.  This is one that never got off my tie rack.  Paid more than $20, but I feel like that's a fair price for a BB tie purchased online.



#5 Versace.  Excellent condition.  Worn 1x.  $25 OBO.

Purchased last spring at Saks.  Very nice tie.  Like stated earlier, I have way too many black ties that never get worn.  This is one of those.   SOLD


#6 Valentino.  Like New Condition.  Worn 1x.  $40 OBO $35 OBO $30 OBO

This was purchased at the beginning of the summer at Saks.  Gorgeous tie.  I really love this tie, but I purchased an identical Kiton red tie a month ago.  I like the Kiton better than the Valentino, so the Valentino must go.  Honestly, this tie is incredible.  If I didn't have another tie exactly like it, there's no way I would sell it.



#7 Hermes.  Worn 1x.  Excellent condition.  $65 OBO

Purchased this about 2 years ago.   It's a beautiful tie, but I really don't wear it.  I don't think I'm a Hermes guy, so I thought I'd try to get a little money back for it.  Sorry I don't know why this is pasting so small.  If you want larger pics, send me a PM and I'll email them to you.





$8 Brooks Brothers Wool tie.  NWOT.  $25 OBO

Purchased this last fall.  Removed the tags and threw away the receipt.  I've debated selling this, as I really like it, but since I haven't worn it I decided it must go.  There's no point in letting it sit in my tie rack.  It's has a blue base with kind of a grayish undertone.  Very nice tie.  SOLD

#9 Brooks Brothers 346 tie.  NWOT.  $25 OBO

Purchased this from the BB Factory store a year and a half ago.  Cannot remember if I've ever worn it.  It looks brand new.  It's a very beautiful tie, but I've accumulated way too many brown ties this summer. 

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