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Help me dress for my wedding day  

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Hi All,


Long time forum observer, first time poster. I need some help with accessories for my wedding... have got to the stage where I’ve overthought and over-attempted all possible options to the point where I now have chronic decision fatigue, and feel like I need a fresh view.


I would greatly appreciate your suggestions as to what shirt, bow tie & pocket square you would wear with the below:


I’m wearing this Burberry Suit – it’s a slim fitting 100% wool, grey/white/teal melange ( The teal is very faint, and the overall colour impression is grey. Will be wearing it with my Mr Hare patent-capped oxfords (, and will have a billy button boutonniere.


It’s a daytime wedding in Spring, but the event will take me thorugh to the evening reception. The event itself will not be formal. The ceremony is outdoors, at a city rooftop Art-Deco  terrace and cigar bar. Think wicker and timber seating, shrubbery, and black/white check tiling. Dress code for guests is Lounge Suit.  The Reception is in an inner-city urban warehouse (


Overall it will be a very relaxed and playful event. As such I’m looking to add a bit of outdoor, sporting playfulness to a cocktail look. I like to mix fabrics, so am thinking a linen bow tie, could relax the outfit a little.

Bride is wearing a white / musk embroidered floor length gown (Slight Art Deco style), groomsmen are mixing black wool suits with Gitman vintage linen polka dot ties (







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As a long time observer, I'm surprised you weren't aware of this thread:

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fair call, have re-posted.

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Do you look anorexic like the Burberry model?
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Hardly. It's a good fit though, for a party suit. Tight - certainly won't be re-wearing round the office.

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