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I think Keenum's best game that I've seen was the one where Kubiak had his mini-stroke (against the Colts?). Ever since then, he hasn't really impressed me all that much.
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Well, they can have any QB they want in the draft if they decide Keenum isn't Drew Bradymanning. They've got the Colts and Broncos next, and finally Tennessee, so they're likely going 2-14 or 3-13, which is probably enough to win the Teddy Bridgewater Toilet Bowl
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The most annoying part is that they all thought kubuak was trying to sabotage keenum. Um. Kubiak is trying to save his job. He doesn't care who gets him wins.

I know Schaub is terrible and I have never like him but Kubiak was the main problem. Everyone that thought Keenum was the missing piece to our superbowl run was blowing cougr dust. If you look closely at Case's stats his 2nd half number are terrible. When Schaub was sucking it was all his fault. Case starts sucking too and it is kubiak calling the wrong pkays and the o line wanting hin to fail.
Shit I know someone who claimed that kubiak should have neamed Keenum the started during otas.

By the way none of them think we need to draft a qb.
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Keenum is definitely more exciting to watch than Slob fwiw. Though if it doesn't result in wins, it's a moot point really
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Is he really? I think we are all still holding on to his firat half performances at kansas and Indy. He hasn't don't anything since then.
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Keenum isn't the answer. If people would get over the fact that he went to U of H they'd realize that. The only thing I like about Keenum is that he shuts up all my friends clamoring for the Texans to go after Josh Freeman just because he can throw deep and scramble. I literally stopped talking to some of my friends because they wouldn't stop talking about Freeman (then) and Keenum (now).
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Yeah at this pt I have stopped responding to the stupid rants. We forfet that we had this same debate a dew yeats aho with Sage Rosenfels.
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Watch the Texans draft Manziel. It will be great.

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They can probably trade down a bit and get Clowney + Manziel. You have better than even odds of still having a (entertaining) train wreck at QB, but imagine the defensive triangle of Watt + Clowney + Cushing. I might fake an injury if I saw them on the schedule
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This game in Philly is nuts.

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This is comical.
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Bad calls abound
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This Pats game. Shut out all three quarters. Gronk taken out. Brady fumbling straight after. Definitely the worst of the year so far.
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That was a nasty hit Gronk took. His leg must be pretty fucked up.
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Detroit's defense doing their best Mizzou impression. 

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