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I saw Chunky Soup two winters back sipping down a drink by himself at a bar. He was fat and depressed looking.
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Fucking Falcons smh
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poverty oline

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Soooo who is frontrunner for the Trddy Bridgewater sweepstakes?

I like my Texans chances.
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I rather have mariota
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Originally Posted by AceBoogie View Post

poverty oline

Poverty me for taking my saints at -7
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Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post

Soooo who is frontrunner for the Trddy Bridgewater sweepstakes?

I like my Texans chances.

The Texans will beat the Jaguars at least once and finish 3-13. The Jags will finish 2-14 so it all comes down to what the Buccs do. I can definitely see the Buccs winning like 4 of their last 6 and do just enough for the Gladwells to keep Schiano around. At that point the fans will show no MRSA, burn RJ Stadium to the ground while the players purposely infect themselves with staph to avoid playing for Schiano.
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If they have a strong finish then I think Schiano gets one more chance with some fresh blood to fill the ranks and coach up. However unless he delivers .500+ season, he's easily gone after that.
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I'm not sure there's a QB coming out of college this year that truly deserves to be the #1 pick overall. Sometimes you not only have to suck but you have to suck during the right year.

That said, my money's on Jacksonville to have the worst record.
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Yahoo released their first mock draft FWIW
1. Jacksonville Jaguars
Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater
There has been a connection now for some time, and though it’s not set in stone, you can bet that the Jaguars have done extensive work on him to date. It will be curious to watch over the coming months to see if anything changes on this front.

2. Minnesota Vikings
Oregon QB Marcus Mariota
With the Vikings not really giving Josh Freeman much of a look, and with Christian Ponder’s support waning, a quarterback makes a lot of sense. They spent three first-round picks on supporting-cast players in April, so at some point they need to find their quarterback to bring it all together and give Adrian Peterson a chance to shine in his window of greatness.

3. Atlanta Falcons
South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney
This defense just lacks difference makers. With all the injuries on offense, you can expect things to get better next year on that side — and they can find answers at running back and tight end further down in the draft, or elsewhere. The only other options would be another impact defender such as Anthony Barr, or an offensive lineman. Maybe we should have seen the Falcons’ lack of depth earlier. Clowney gives them a destructive weak-side end who can help pressure Drew Brees and Cam Newton in a strong division.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Texas A&M OT Jake Matthews
A case could be made here for Barr, or a quarterback, but Matthews might be the best fit for right now. This all depends on Greg Schiano, and whether he’s back or not. Mike Glennon could prove he’s worth giving another chance to start in 2014, but if Schiano is not around, a new coach might have a different vision of who his starter should be. Matthews is a potential anchor at left tackle, which would allow Donald Penn to shift inside and the team could cut underperforming Davin Joseph.

5. Houston Texans
Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel
There are doubters out there over whether Manziel is a bona-fide NFL quarterback, or whether he’s a trainwreck waiting to happen. There are others who see a unique playmaking star. Landing in Texas could be the worst thing to happen for him, given his rocky road to this point in his home state. Or it could be the kind of thing that galvanizes this franchise, which has the talent to win again in short order. A highly controversial, but fascinating projection here. We’ll roll with it for now.

6. St. Louis Rams (pick traded from Washington Redskins)
UCLA LB Anthony Barr
This would be a dream scenario for the Rams, who still have myriad needs and yet would view this pick as a terrific luxury. Can you imagine Barr and Robert Quinn screaming off the edge on quarterbacks’ blind sides? Mercy.

7. Tennessee Titans
Fresno State QB Derek Carr
This is a bit of a leap, but I am willing to take it here and now. Carr certainly will have to answer questions on if he’s better than his journeyman/current backup older brother, David. And the Titans must decide if Jake Locker is their guy, and whether he can remain healthy for a season. But with no other obvious candidate at this spot, Carr and his strong potential are the pick here.

8. Oakland Raiders
Clemson WR Sammy Watkins
We’ve penciled Mike Evans into this spot for a month or more, but Watkins’ transcendent season propels him up here. But don’t be shocked if they’re in the quarterback market, if the right player is here for them, either. You can’t lock either Terrelle Pryor or Matt McGloin into being the future anything at this point.

9. New York Giants
Alabama LB C.J. Mosley
My gut says they’ll be picking far lower than this after a run at the postseason, but assuming they are here, they could opt to pick a chronic problem — either at linebacker with Mosley, or at offensive tackle, with a few options. We’ll write in the multi-talented Mosley, who could play on the weak side until Jon Beason is no longer starting.

10. St. Louis Rams
Michigan OT Taylor Lewan
Another fall-into-their laps type of player, Lewan might never be a superstar, but he can be a right tackle from Jump Street and slide to left tackle when Jake Long is done. His nasty streak fits the Jeff Fisher mold. Getting Barr and Lewan would be a home run followed by a ground-rule double, to use an analogy that St. Louis folks can appreciate.
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^ Interesting. I don't even think Manziel belongs anywhere in the first round, but I guess we'll see.
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post

I don't know about that. If I'm rooting for almost any team against Brady and the Patriots, I'm worried if they're within a touchdown and have the ball with any time left on the clock. If you hold on for the win, you have to feel pretty good.

Posting this vid is Douche of the Year-worthy
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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post

Posting this vid is Douche of the Year-worthy

It's campaign season, bro. Trying to step up my game.
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Revis island could destroy my fantasy season today. I'm actually thinking of sitting Megatron for Keenan Allen.

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