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That's what they get for having such a Fk'ed up cap that they had to restructure his deal like 3 timyears S and kept pushing it back.
Jerry Jones loves him some celebrity quarterback!
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Josh Brown isn't making the trip to London. Good riddance. I've been saying since the first mention of the suspension that the Giants should release him. 


Jerry will probably sign him. 

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No surprise that Goodell botched it again on the Josh Brown thing when there's plenty of evidence that they were more than just generally aware Josh was abusing his wife. The NFL investigators have to be the biggest fucking joke around along with Goodell.
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The NFL can't even go back and suspend him further, because they already suspended him already (like Ray Rice - you can't go back and re-do the suspension, and this incident also happened before the current changes to the DV policy)

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That was a horrible TNF game.
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All Thursday games are crap. Short weeks, less time to prepare. More injuries.
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Only decent TNF game is usually the season opener. A lot of the others are brutal to watch. As a huge football fan, I've drastically cut back on how much I watch this year. This season has sucked so far.
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not to mention the matchups actually suck.

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I think the NFL is sorely testing the whole too much of a good thing can't be bad theory. I love to watch a couple of games on Thanksgiving, but at least there's some tradition there. Keeping games to Sunday with one on Monday night is the better way to go from a fan perspective (maybe not from a revenue perspective). You'll still have crappy matchups, but at least you can try to throw them in when there are other games on.
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In theory TNF is a good idea but there's just not enough time for players to recover and these games are garbage. I feel like the only way to actually make it work would be to have only teams coming off byes play TNF but I don't think that's workable. 


Nuke it. Failed experiment. 

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So the sherif for the Seattle police department said that the NFL reps who requested info never said they were from the NFL, who they were working for, just gave a email address, and that's why the info was denied. LOL
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Well, he also said even if the guy said he was from the NFL they wouldn't have given them anything anyway. 

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He said they would have given some more info orally

(In before jokes)
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As if Gooddell would have done anything differently. I think he calculated that nobody would care because he's just a kicker, which was true until this other stuff came out. 


In any case, Mcadoo said they're behind Josh Brown to which I say get rid of both of them. 

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Odell Beckham and his net antics are creating a distraction but a kicker repeatedly abusing his wife they want to stand by. McAdoo, Mara, and Goodell are all fucking jokes and the NFL wonders why their ratings suck this year.
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