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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

As bad as breaks in the action are when you're watching at home, they're 10x worse when you're watching live. Add in drunk, belligerent fans and the difficulty of getting to/from the stadium (which are usually far from city centers, unlike much smaller arenas for basketball/hockey and baseball stadiums), and you have an unpleasant fan experience all around. Not really worth it for anything less than a playoff game, imo.

For the low low price of a five hundred dollars for a family of four!
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500 for the cheapest seats ***
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We've been selling most of our tickets the last few years. I maintain that baseball is the only sport better in person than on the couch. 

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I've heard Hockey is amazing in person
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Agreed that football is really terrible in person. Worse for me because I live in a place where there's an 80% chance it's either pouring or unbearably hot and humid. FL weather is one of the most overrated things in existence. And why are people at their worst when attending a football game? I blame the tailgates and the alcohol, but you still have to be a group of terrible people to do what I see people do at football games - drunk or no. It's all football too - NFL and CFB.

Fans are rowdy in the other three sports too, but I only ever feel unsafe or afraid for my family at football games (which I have stopped going to)
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I get more excited about going to Rutt's Hut on the way home from games than actually attending the games these days. Those deep fried hot dogs doe... 

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Attending soccer live is wonderful. Especially in South America or Eastern Europe where your life may be in danger as a result.
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Gosh, I must be in the minority because the one time I watched the Pats at Gillette, I had a great time. Not that I didn't run into some drunk assholes (esp at the concessions) but I feel like that's kind of expected for a football game. This isn't tennis or golf FFS
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I'd have to agree that football on tv is more enjoyable for the most part compared to the in game experience at the stadium. Only thing where stadium beats tv is you get to see the whole field and not just the limited tv angle shot.
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I don't mind drunk assholes (I might fit that description meself 😊), it's the nonstop violence that's hard to navigate.

Although the Dolphins home crowds are so lame that they're about half visitor team fans when it's a division rival (fuck you Pats and Jets). So maybe we get more fights than, say, Seattle home games
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One thing that was esp fun was when the Pats DEF was on the field and we were all yelling, hollering like madmen to "help" them out.

Plus, I got to see Erin Andrews in person. shog[1].gif
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Calling it now: jacoby will be a stud
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The 3 best QBs in the AFC East are all on the Pats.
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

The 4 best QBs in the AFC East are all on the Pats.

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Texans are trying to lose, right?
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