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Was just offered Jamaal Charles for Jordy and Seattle D. So torn because I'm skeptical of Jordy but Charles is on bye this week.

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Wow, take that and run
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Wow, take that and run

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Well, he has two offers now. Another guy offered him Harvin and Alfred Morris so we just wait for him to decide. My upside is that Jordy is a 4th round keeper but Harvin is a 13th round keeper. Charles owner is out of contention so I would take Harvin/Morris if I were him. Alas.

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So it appears that my initial diagnosis was correct and Rodgers does indeed have a broken collarbone. Gotta love my MD-less, tv camera diagnosis skills

Now I notice that Matt Flynn, Rodgers' former backup who played very well in that role, is on waivers. Might be a good speculative ads for you fantasy players in brutal leagues. I'm pretty sure the packers will try to claim him.

Although there's always the risk that a rival NFC team will put in a claim just to try to cockblock them lol8[1].gif
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I say they should bring back Lynn Dickey AKA the true #12 of Packers don't EVEN get me started (no one should wear #12 after Lynn Dickey hero of Packers).

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A guy in my league dropped Roddy White :bounce2:


Spending the rest of my waiver budget on him.

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Wife tasered after Bears-Packers bet
The Green Bay Packers' loss to the Chicago Bears was particularly painful for one Packers fan who was tasered by her husband, who is a Bears fan, to settle a bet after Monday's game.

John Grant, 42, of Tinley Park, Ill., told police that he and his wife made the wager as they watched the game at a bar in Mayville, Wis., but his wife told police that she didn't think her husband would follow through with it.

After the Bears beat the Packers 27-20, Grant and his wife, who police say had both been drinking, went outside to an alley next to the bar to smoke cigarettes. Grant tasered his wife twice in the buttocks while she filmed it with her cellphone camera.

Mayville police chief Christopher MacNeill said the woman was laughing during the first two taserings caught on video, but when Grant tasered her a third time in the thigh, this time not on video, she apparently considered that over the line. An argument ensued that led to the woman calling the police.
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I just read that and thought about posting it here. I don't know what the stupidest part of the story is -

The husband actually tasering his wife (don't care if you won the bet, there are a million ways this bites you in the ass)

The husband actually carrying a taser to the bar

The wife calling the cops

The wife calling the cops because he tasered her three times instead of two (so the first two were ok?)

A bears fan marrying a packers fan
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They should have wagered anal.

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Wow, what a game so far for the Rams! I've never seen a punt return like that before.
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Could Kellen Clemens be the new Tom Brady?
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Arian Foster out for the season. He'll need back surgery.
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Colts. WTF? eek.gif
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Tavon Austin is so much faster than everyone else on the field. 

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