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great move by the Titans, slowly but surely shaping up a decent team. Rams are back at it with ruining any potential they had

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wtf eagles?

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Philly sports teams have become atrocious.  

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Rams "Dont even worry philly, we're taking ezekiel elliot"

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Rams haven't been this exciting since they got Joe Namath.
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Browns have more draft picks to draft more busts.
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You know your team is in the shitter when you're like yup...Browns FO just took us to the cleaners on that deal.
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At the end of the day, it's all about how the players do. Some guys will be busts just do to injury (sam Bradford and countless more).

12 picks is a lot - more than 20% of your active roster. Picks in the top 100 are a different kettle of fish to me, then plain old picks.
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Tom's guilty again

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this might help the patriots... rest tom 4 games. eek out a 2-2 record. back to business.

also you light a fire under their asses.

it's a double edged sword... patriot haters love that he'll be suspended/etc, but think about how more insufferable the north east coast biased sports fandom/media coverage will be.
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This is a win for America. 

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For those who can't be bothered to read the Second Circuit's opinion, the summary is basically that courts owe an extreme level of deference to arbitrators as long as the arbitrator has some leg to stand on. So basically unless you think Goodell is making his decisions by rolling dice or consulting a Magic 8 ball, the Second Circuit was going to uphold the suspension. So once again, it says nothing about the merits of the case or whether Goodell acted appropriately, just that he did not screw up so badly as to make it appropriate to not defer to him.

Those who hate the Patriots can enjoy this a bit. I'm just going to enjoy the great run of Boston sports success that I've been lucky enough to live through (add Germany's 2014 WC win, USA WNT's 2015 WC win, and Bayern's 2012-2013 CL win, and it's been really good times).
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At least the Texans now have a chance to not be blown out on national TV!
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So.. no one is interested in the draft?


Anyway - wanted to post as I think we have some lawyers in this thread - 


It it a privacy violation for teams to be leaking prospects possible injuries?


ex - "Jaylon smith may have nerve damage in his knee"

"Myles Jack knee could have degenerative condition and need further surgeries"



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