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Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto View Post

He was a kid when that happened. How many of us did some deplorable shit when we were under 20?

I once got so drunk I whipped out my cock and tried to piss on my friends aunt while she slept. Presumably, I thought I was in the bathroom.
She was a good sport about the whole thing.
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Originally Posted by Texasmade View Post

He was suffering from illness and fatigue. He was sick and tired of losing with the Lions. Megatron didn't have major injuries but he was consistently banged up and probably decided he had enough and the money wasn't worth it. Can't be mad at a player for walking away.

That's two Lion's greats walking away with plenty of life left in them. Must be something about the franchise.
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Any more stories? I like where this is heading
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I also saw an interview with Barry Sanders where he implied he was going to try to convince Calvin not to retire....hehe
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Piece about Lawrence Phillips. Seems like third-rate online journalism, but still an interesting read.
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Read that weeks ago.

The part of him not wanting to roll with the Blacks against Whites, and Southsiders... and paying the consequences for it doesn't surprise me. In California at least, if you don't stick with your "own" things could get really ugly for you. The thing I don't understand if he was in PC, why did they bunk him with a known gang member? It's almost like the prison officials were ordered by whoever the Black rep there is to give him a "buddy."

He seemed like he changed a lot from his young L.A. days. Sad story.
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Y'all hear about one DT from Miss. State at the combine who's dick flopped out while running the 40 and trips and falls after he finishes running. Rich Eisen goes "these guys fall down long and hard".
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I saw it.
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Brock Osweiler. facepalm.gif
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that's a lot of money for not even a full season


anyone know what the guaranteed amount is? nfl.com doesn't have it and apparently denver offered 16/year with 30 in guarantees so houston should be higher than that

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It was rumored to be in the $18-20M range per year. I'm not sure what the guaranteed amount was but I don't blame a player for taking the money.

Update- ESPN has the numbers now. 4 years $72M with $37M guaranteed.
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Bwahaha and $26m for LAMAR MILLER
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Can we say overpaid re: Osweiler?
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From what we've seen of him, yes. If he turns out to be good? No.
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