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Originally Posted by archibaldleach View Post

Didn't matter in the end; Denver won fairly and convincingly. In the first half, though, thought they got a couple questionable calls and no calls.

Implication that NE success is due to questionable officiating is just silly.

The implication was that a patriots fan talking about manning getting calls when every time brady is sneezed on he gets a call is ridiculous. There is a even a rule that was enacted specifically because brady got hurt.

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^ If you say so.
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Vonn Miller. Defensive beast and a class act.
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^ Hell of a game from him.
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So good. Ware devoured Cam a few times too. Homer here, but I find they are a fun defense to watch. Just all over the place.
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Also, congratulations to Stitchy, our resident Denver fan.
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I'm just thankful I don't need to spend the next 2 weeks listening to some idiot attempt to explain why repeatedly feigning to sniff the inside of your elbow is supposedly cool… it most certainly is not. Congrats Denver.
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Thanks, archi!
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

To be fair, he is.

Originally Posted by archibaldleach View Post

And he still would be. Tied for most SB wins, record for most SB starts, record for conference championship starts, record for most playoff wins, etc. Peyton can have his regular season stats. I'll take the rings over the stats any day.

"Who is the GOAT?" is an inherently unanswerable question in any sport, no more so than football, which relies on the performance of more than twenty players to achieve a goal. If you put the most credence in championship wins, you like Brady, Montana, or Bradshaw. If you like statistics, it's Manning or Favre. No QB has ever had a better overall skill set than Elway, and no one has ever played the position more proficiently than Rodgers. It's enough of an honor to be in the conversation, which both Brady and Manning are.
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Newton's douche-ass press conference … fuck you… go sniff your elbow idiot.
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What happened? Yes, Im too lazy to find it and watch.
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answered about 5 questions (each one with 1 or so word answers), and then left "i don't know what you guys want me to say"

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He is yet young. Hopefully he matures. Maybe he will learn to keep the dabbing to post-achievement only. Makes it sting less.
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Walked in to my friends house and said broncos gonna win easily. Got some stares and shoulda bet.
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