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Sherman is such a douchebag it's almost incomprehensible. Yeah you went to Stanford because you're a fucking genius dude. My goodness.
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What did he say?
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Originally Posted by venividivicibj View Post

What did he say?

More like what hasn't he said?! Motherfucker never shuts his slappy yap.
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

Either way, I'm hoping for a Falcons - Pats SB like I predicted last year.

If not possible, I want to face the Cards.

My Week 4 wish might come true! Really don't want to see Cam winning one over us. foo.gif
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I've gotta pull for the Cards at this point. satisfied.gif
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Originally Posted by Kid Nickels View Post

I've gotta pull for the Cards at this point. satisfied.gif

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In order of preference:

(1) Patriots
(2) Cardinals
(3) Panthers
(4) Broncos
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Cardinals, Broncos, Panthers, that's it.
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Panthers then Cardinals. Imagine Cam dabbing all through out the SB.

I'd really enjoy a crushing defeat in the SB by either Manning or Brady.
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Anyone but the Patriots.

No doubt Deflategate is a makeup call, but they cheated in at least two superbowls. If you can read this and even 1/4 of it is true and not be convinced that everyone in the Pats org shouldn't be banned from football for life, there really is no point in discussing it.
"It got out of control," a former Patriots assistant coach says. Sources with knowledge of the system say an advance scout would attend the games of upcoming Patriots opponents and assemble a spreadsheet of all the signals and corresponding plays. The scout would give it to Adams, who would spend most of the week in his office with the door closed, matching the notes to the tapes filmed from the sideline. Files were created, organized by opponent and by coach. During games, Walsh later told investigators, the Patriots' videographers were told to look like media members, to tape over their team logos or turn their sweatshirt inside out, to wear credentials that said Patriots TV or Kraft Productions. The videographers also were provided with excuses for what to tell NFL security if asked what they were doing: Tell them you're filming the quarterbacks. Or the kickers. Or footage for a team show.
. . .
But the Patriots kept doing it. In November 2006, Green Bay Packers security officials caught Matt Estrella shooting unauthorized footage at Lambeau Field. When asked what he was doing, according to notes from the Senate investigation of Spygate that had not previously been disclosed, Estrella said he was with Kraft Productions and was taping panoramic shots of the stadium. He was removed by Packers security.
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TB12 greatest ever.
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Waiting for Edina's response from a

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My pics: Denver-Arizona-Patriots-Carolina
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Way to go out on a limb there.
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