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Burfict suspended 3 games
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post

And I read the crown hit rule the same way you do; it doesn't require that the guy getting hit be "defenseless". But I don't know if the defenseless receiver talk is obfuscation -- if we're talking about the talking head comments during the Steelers/Bengals game, I assume it was just ignorance/confusion. They're two separate rules, to my understanding. There's a separate rule protecting defenseless receivers/player - that's a thing. It prohibits, among other things, a blow to the receiver's head even if it's not helmet to helmet. There's obviously overlap (which may help explain, albeit not excuse, announcers being confused - seems especially lame that the former ref who is there only to comment on the rules and officiating shared in the confusion) between that and a crown hit. The circles on the Venn diagram overlap but are not perfectly aligned.

Yep, these are 2 separate rules. Defenseless receiver is basically no contact to the neck or higher while a receiver is defenseless so when people are trying to say Burfict led with his shoulder that doesn't matter. The Shazier hit is covered under a different rule where neither the offensive player or defensive player is supposed to lower their head and lead with the helmet. (relatively new rule implemented beginning in the 2013 season. You don't see this one called as much especially on the offensive side when a RB lowers their head and shoulder. This should technically be called on most short yardage situations since the ball carrier always lowers their head and shoulders to plow ahead.
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Changing gears a little did anyone else hear the Paul Allen Vikings call? Another classic. "Nooooo! You cant end the season like that!"

I rate it a tick under the Favre interception in the 2010 nfc championship.
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Almost peed in my pants wit this one:

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Originally Posted by jcman311 View Post

Burfict suspended 3 games

LD and Veni … agreed. LOL I threw that SB touchdown in there because in the back of my mind I can't ever quite completely quiet the conspiracy theories.

As for Burfict's 3 games, I'll go back to the OBJ game. No way in hell anything Burfict did all year was as bad as OBJ in that one game… period.
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Burfict would have been a legend in the 1980s.

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The NFL used to have a spearing call, which the Shazier hit would have been. I think it was done away with for the crown hit. A large part of the rule is focused on player safety - if you are hitting with the very top of your helmet (your eyes essentially looking down) vs your forehead, you can really F up your neck.

But yes, the Shazier hit should have been flagged.

I think Burfict's suspension is more than deserved, if anything it is too short. Burfict is a multiple repeat offender.

I don't know that Burfict would have been great in the 80's. Offenses had ways to get even, the most common being the crackback where a wide receiver would come back into the box and blindside the Linebacker or Defensive End.

In the NFL, they used to allow the crackback player to go low, ruining perfectly good knees.
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The difference between burfict and beckham is that he has a history whereas it's one game for beckham.

That said, i wouldn't be surprised if the nfl scheduled steelers bengals next season the week he's back
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I think he might just do it anyway and YOLO

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Poor L'Incadescent. frown.gif
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LOL 49ers.
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

LOL 49ers.
Let me guess, Shanahan?
eidt: Fuck, even worse.
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This Chip character is a hustler.
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