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Poor RGme.

Whatever the kids coaching problems, I really do think he was badly damaged by Shanahan both mentally and really physically. I don't think he's the same, and doubt he ever will be.

The optimistic side says Gruden is benching the kid to let him heal, regain confidence in his leg, learn the offense, learn humility, etc. The pessimistic side says he never finds himself and is out of the league in a few years.
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I can't help but think about how people criticized him for taking endorsement deals right away when Andrew Luck decided to wait.


Good thing he took them when he had the chance. 

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I've seen quite a bit of RG3 play, and the tape don't lie. He has bad mechanics, poor pocket presence, and most damning of all, the inability to cycle through progressions quickly. There have been plays in which multiple receivers are running wide open, and RG3 tucks the ball and runs for a minimal gain. His problem seems to be more mental than physical, although perhaps his injuries and loss of speed are degrading his confidence. He is going to need a total rebuild to be a passable (not star) NFL quarterback.
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Still the best rookie season for a QB ever.
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

He is going to need a total rebuild to be a passable (not star) NFL quarterback.

Unfortunately for you, the total rebuild needs to exclude the Redskins. There's no way he's ever going to be any good again being with the Redskins.
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That comes a few years after the fact. He fucking killed Steve Young's career years ago.

(from totally bailing on a blitz pick up against the Rams, resulting in a concussion and the end of the road for Young, for all you non-Niner fans out there)
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Color me unsurprised. He was on the blacklist for many teams. The accounts of how he beat his girlfriend in college were chilling.
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Suck it, Goodell, ya asswipe.

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Secondary still sucks ass but we should still be there at SB 50, baby
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Good day for Patriots fans. Unfortunately we may need Brady to throw for 60 TD passes considering how our pass defense has played, but it could be worse.
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All they have to do to sit cushy atop the AFC again is to keep Gronk healthy all season. He really is that one Jenga piece that the Pats can't afford to lose.
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