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The only real conversation to be had about this is whether Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are smug douchebags or gigantic smug douchebags. 

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And the pats don't even lose any draft picks? I wonder what kind of punishment they are going to get. Because the NFL can't really just say "they cheated, oh well"

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Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post

Eh, it really means, "what's done is done and they won the fucking Super Bowl, so let's try for some sort of soft landing we can walk away from without further muss."

Also, absent a confession or secret video, what did people expect the report to say? It's a report by a law firm of their investigation of a sensitive (in a big fish small pond sort of way) controversy for a big client where there is no compelling direct evidence and some people are probably lying. Absent clear evidence making one conclusion or another indisputable, would you really expect their to-become-public report to speak in any terms other than what's more likely than not? Would people expect a precise figure like "87% likely"?

I think the first sentence is largely fair and I suspect the NFL wants to have justification to do something to NE / Brady (after all, you hire a firm to do an internal investigation in most cases to cover your ass and to give you the grounds to do what you already were planning to do).

On your second point, I think the frustration is more of a "it took you four months to tell us what we already pretty much suspected anyway," essentially that something smells fishy (more likely than not something was done) and that it would be tougher to link Brady / Belichick to it.

I did find it interesting that the report basically said that Belichick, Kraft and the rest of the organization had nothing to do with the whole scandal (though I don't see anyone who assumed Belichick was responsible eating their words now). I could have seen the potential for there to be more of a smoking gun text rather than a bunch of things that are suggestive and don't look great in the context of the investigation. I feel like I learned a lot more about air pressure in footballs than I ever wanted to know and got a bit of a refresher course in chemistry (ideal gas law).
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Yeah, that's fair. I've been involved in enough investigations to not be surprised that the report is weak tea, but I understand the reaction.
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dahaha. Suck it, Tom Brady.

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4 games for Tom. One for each Super Bowl win*. 1st round draft pick in 2016 and another mid round pick in 2017 plus $1M fine. Small potatoes for securing Tom's legacy as best QB of his era.

I would gladly have JJ Watt and the Texans suffer the same penalty if that meant the Texans won a Super Bowl even if it comes with an * now for cheating.
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Originally Posted by ethanm View Post

dahaha. Suck it, Tom Brady.


I don't think the Patriots did enough to vacate wins or forfeit draft picks, but I am all in favor of Tom the douche being publicly tarred and feathered to the greatest extent possible
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Knowing the NFL, he will probably appeal and the suspension will be reduced to 2 games.
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T*m Brady

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Tom Brady spiked Derrell Bevel with psychotropic drugs as that is the only explanation why any sentient being would think throwing a goal line slant to Ricardo Lockette is a good idea.
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Apparently one of the reasons for the harshness was that the patriots didn't make everyone available for interview, and Brady wouldn't provide his phone/text records.

But what a joke, any team would make that trade any day of the week. Super Bowl for first round pick and 4 game suspension? Done.
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4 game suspension probably gets appealed and reduced to 2. I'd be shocked if the Patriots don't appeal the loss of draft picks and fine. Not sure how that plays out. Curious if there's a precedent for a case where alleged wrongdoing was thought to be confined to one player and two low level employees and the team received that sort of punishment. Granted, the player in question is Tom Brady but still.

Of course, expecting any sort of consistency from the commissioner is foolish. Even if you agree with the punishment handed out here, I think you'd have to consider it a case where every so often the blind squirrel will find the nut.
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Well if they do appeal, Brady might have to release his records/more digging will be done, so it might not be good for them
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Maybe his punishment can be reduced to getting punched by Ray Rice in an an elevator...

....too soon?
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I'd like to see another Giselle meltdown on camera. 

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