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fox sports doesnt even have chris matthews photo
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Wow what a finish...
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unfuckingbelievable. grudging tip of the hat to the Patriots, they didn't fold under pressure and made the plays they needed to.

but they still had already lost that game. fucking Seahawks. no one who calls that play deserves to hoist the Lombardi
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God I wish I didn't live in Boston right now

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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

fuck the patriots
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With about 1:11 left and Seattle with the ball at the Pats 3, why didn't Bellichek use one of his time outs? Then, if Seahawks scored, the Pats would have had a little time left to tie with FG.

Either brilliant coaching by Bellichek or a screw up. Which was it?
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How on earth do you not give Lynch the ball at the 1 yard line with time outs still on the board. That may have been the single worst play call of Super Bowl history.
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Dumbest play call I think I've ever seen. You have 3 plays for BeastMode to get 1 yard to win the Super Bowl and you throw a pass?!?!?!
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a pass in traffic at that. there's a reason that most teams throw either a fade or an out when they're that close to the goal line. but apparently that escaped a HC who won in both college and the pros
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that was the most astounding thing I've ever seen. At least since "the play" (Big Game, 1982).
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this is how the galaxy felt during the events of The Empire Strikes Back
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Well, I almost thought it was as dumb for Bellichek to not use his time outs. But winners are judged kindly.
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