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I did enjoy Cam's comment later about how lucky he felt. Something about how God must have him on His fantasy team laugh.gif
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Peterson appeal denied. He's officially done for 2014.
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Yet Ray Rice could play if someone picked him up? Weird.
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Originally Posted by Joffrey View Post

Yet Ray Rice could play if someone picked him up? Weird.
I haven't followed closely, but I think the Rice decision turned in part on what for want of a better term you could call procedural issues. Leaving aside the Grantland-esque conspiracy theories, the NFL created a messy record about what information was available to it and being considered when the initial suspension decision was made. I understand that was important in the arbitrator's decision. And timing-wise, because the Peterson thing came a bit later the groundswell of self-righteous outrage/ recognition of the scope of the problem/ PR concern was more developed.
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So happy for fellow AFC East team Buffalo Bills. All you Bills fans stand up.
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^ Indeed. Also lol at Green Bay.
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lol8[1].gifcrackup[1].giflol8[1].gif Money Midget
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He is not cut out for the NFL. He would do better in Arena Football. 

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You can tell how Joe Buck is trying to get the audience fired up about the 49ers/Seahawks game, but it's not really working the NFC game the people really want to see is Rams/Seahawks.
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This Seattle D is insane this game. So many loss downs for SF.
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NFC South champion will not have a winning record and will host a game against an opponent that may be 11-5. Maybe the NFL should consider reseeding the playoffs?
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^ I agree with you, but the same thing happened when Seattle (7-9) hosted New Orleans (11-5) in 2010.
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Seattle won that game, btw. It was the "beast quake" game.
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Seattle and New England look like the class of the NFL right now. Denver on the next tier. Everybody else has a major weakness.
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Seattle's offense looks pretty suspect. Haven't scored 20 points in the last 3 games, I think.

Edit: Scored 24 vs the Eagles.

Last 5 games though:

17, 24, 19, 19, 20
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