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This is mean-spirited, and I'm a lifelong Steelers fan, but (or thus) this headline made me spit coffee laughing:
Ben Roethlisberger Struggling With New City Ordinance That Allows Food Trucks On Field,37141/
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1st quarter barely halfway over and the game is already getting out of hand. Another TNF snoozer developing.
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Seriously. I don't know why I bother watching these Thursday nights. First time in a while where I just change the channel on a weekly basis. Maybe Cuban was on to something....
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Okay, now we got a game.
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Game just got interesting.
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Hope the Texans manage to pull off the win
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JJ!!! Fumble return for a TD!
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JJ Watt should kick FGs for the Texans. That's coming.
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Lovie Smith doesn't need to go into the office tomorrow morning. Locks are probably going to be changed.
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neither does Joe Philbin. fuck
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I like Philbin. I don't know that he's a head coach, but I respect that he had to give it a shot.

His mistake today was not taking the FG when it was 7-3. He's also a little too hands-off IMO as you could see last year with the martin thing.He's in something of a bad situation, but there is time this year to right the ship.
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That and not trying to put the game away with a third down conversion the last time they had the ball. Inexcusable. That play wins the game, and if you're not trying to win, then why the hell are you out there?

If you try and fail, fine, but they run into a wall to run 40 seconds off and give it to Rodgers with plenty of time left regardless
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No one is allowed to make any more Romo jokes (at least for the rest of this season lol8[1].gif)
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Yeah, I do have to give the cow girls their due credit. That offensive line is beastly
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Originally Posted by RedLantern View Post

How much are you loving the glimpses of a healthy Percy Harvin? He has looked out of sight so far in the preseason. If he can stay healthy, it will be a game changer for the O.

QFI. Harvin's fantasy points by game: 9,8,5,(bye),2,0.

Harvin has scored 1 TD so far this season (against San Diego), and on that one he actually stepped out of bounds but they didn't review it.
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