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Glad I picked up donnell since pitta went down

Can't believe I dropped eli to pick up tannehill as a backup qb
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Kirk Cousins is approaching Jake Delhomme territory. I hope Kirk gets to 5 to tie Jake's performance. I don't think RG3 would be this bad.
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Remember when Ambulance Chaser called him the next Tom Brady? frown.gif
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Well, Tom Brady doesn't play well against the Giants either. peepwall[1].gif
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Donnell is an animal.

What a refreshing game. That's the first time in 2 seasons I cheered more than I sighed and cried.
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So with this focus on signing tall guys who can jump really high as red zone targets...is the next trend going to be having situational DB's on the roster who are also tall and whose sole job is to break up jump balls?
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CHI-GB game is a shootout...
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Did you expect a defensive game
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The press has been predicting shootouts between those two teams since Cutler came over from Denver. None have materialized, until now.
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I'll never forget the time when Chester Marcol (Packers kicker) broke a 6-6 overtime tie by running for a touchdown against the Bears. That was a defensive battle for sure.
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Well, that's the end of all talk of a "late career breakout season" from Cutler... 3 ints!
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Colts having a great day today. smile.gif
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Watt is the NFL's Great White Hope LOL
Has any other player ever had a TD reception and a TD interception return, in the same season?
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Niners give up 3 TDs to special teams/defense, and still win. That defense was beastly today.
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