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Peyton pulled a fast one. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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indeed. smile.gif

sure fooled me.
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Goddamn Dallas giving me hope.
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This game is thoroughly entertaining.
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Not for me. Damnit I cant deal with this. ffffuuuu.gif
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Wake-up check to all the sportswriters and fans who thought Denver was unstoppable. Offense-minded teams generally don't win Super Bowls.
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Denver's pass defense has been sucking ass all day.
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They're playing pass defense? I didn't realize.
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Fuck fuck fuck fuck
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LOL Romo. Predictable as clockwork.
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@ nil - i just mean in that the offense was not on the field. i really hope they can close it out now after that pick.
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thomas is a beast.
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Originally Posted by Bhowie View Post

Fuck fuck fuck fuck

Yes yes yes yes

ugly, but ill take it.
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Jack Cooper @j_coop15
And just when you thought tony romo was done being the usual tony romo, tony romo does the tony romoest thing tony romo can do
6:31 PM - 6 Oct 2013
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Tony Romo wtf nahhhh

See that first attempt 2 point conversion? Dude could have ran straight away but instead tried juking miserably and gets stopped. Why did not Romo just run at angle straight dash into end zone?? Lol stupid game..

Niners fan fwiw, let's go!!
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