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Desean gone
Giants better eat this season
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You can take the boy out of.........
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"All holders for kicks must hold onto greasy fried chicken breasts before trotting out onto the field"
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Derrick Ward goes in hard on ESPN talking heads about Desean Jackson


My favorite is when he called out Bruschi for being a goody two shoes pussy, which is exactly how I imagine him. 

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desean leaves the eagles and goes to the redskins 


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I'm ok with this.
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Both Manziel and Bridgewater visiting the Pats today.

Sorry Ryan.
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

Both Manziel and Bridgewater visiting the Pats today.

Sorry Ryan.

Would be stunned if we actually traded up to try to get one of them and absolutely no way I see us taking Manziel who has rocks in his head.
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I actually wouldn't be that surprised if the Pats took Manziel. By the time Brady retires, Manziel won't be Belichick's problem anymore (assuming BB and Brady retire at the same time).
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There is no way Manziel will even be there for the Pats to take, so its a none issue.
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DeSean Jackson is basically the Skins' first-round pick this year. Not a bad addition considering they didn't have to give the Eagles anything for him.
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We'll see. On paper he obviously has all the talent but there has to be a reason the Eagles cut him and I seriously doubt it is any "gang" connections.
I think that he would be a better risk on a team that has rock solid leadership in place, such as the Pats. I wonder how he will play with a QB like RGMe providing leadership. 16 guaranteed is a lot, but at least the 'Skins have a good history of careful spending.
Still, I'd have been happy if my team signed him.
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It's mostly about Jackson making too much money and demanding a contract extension. Secondarily about Jackson being difficult and Chip Kelly having the supreme confidence -- some would say arrogance -- of believing anyone he plugs into his system will put up huge numbers. Maybe Jackson will wear out his welcome in DC, maybe all he needed was a change of scenery. I think there's good reason to hope for the latter. Many years ago, there was a Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver who had a similar reputation for being difficult and had a falling out with the head coach. His name was Cris Carter, and he went to the Minnesota Vikings and become a hall of famer.
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As a DC area resident for life, I am ready for the trend to continue where any big name who signs here will underperform, leave, then have an incredible run with his next team.
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