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Now that I realized someone was hurt, I take my comment back.
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A little home cooking there . . . Bowman clearly had the ball.
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Originally Posted by Nil View Post

Does anyone actually like Joe Buck? Aikman and him are the worst duo in sports

"You're exactly right, Joe..."
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And the injury damnitty
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As a Niners fan, obviously I'm biased. Neutral observers-- we're getting fucked right? Man fucking Bowman had that fucking ball, chewed his fucking knee up for it, and the goddam refs fuck the call up. Can't even challenge it. FUCK
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Fuuuuucckkkk Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Fucking bullshit. Niners fucking jobbed out of this game, third time this year. Fuuuuuck.
Insult to injury,
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Sweet, sweet karma.
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Ouch that knee is fucked
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We getting trolled

I'm entertained. Niners ftw but loses a star player
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So sad for Bowman. That looked absolutely brutal.

Recap of some bad calls:

personal foul on shoulder to shoulder from Hitner

no call on ripping LMJ’s helmet off

no roughing the kicker call (questionable)

VD completed pass, took 3 steps, fumbles and recovers called as incomplete

Last fumble recovery screw up on Bowman.
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Nice stop.
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Kaep. facepalm.gif
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Oh cmon Kaep, you reward the defensive effort with a shitty pick? I can't handle this anymore
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