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It's not so much total plays but the rate of plays. Either way I knew it wasn't going to work int he NFL. That gimmick only works in lopsided college games where skill players are 10x more gifted than everyone else.

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NFC east is so poverty right now.
We finna be 1-2 tomorrow though
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I can't believe I haven't watched a single NFL game this season yet. And that the dolphins are 2-0
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This is painful to watch
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i think the niners colts game is the only interesting game on the slate this week. the rest of the match-ups dont pique my interest one bit. bummerz.
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Sorry, l'inc.
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Brain is not functioning.


Giants are going 0-16 this year.

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Originally Posted by Bhowie View Post

Sorry, l'inc.

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oh wow new york football giants. oof.
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I think the Browns made a good trade btw. Running backs tend to be a dime a dozen, and TR is not a once in a generation/draft talent. . But #1 picks are solid gold.
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Good phin win
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Meh. Wheels are falling of a little in SF, Aldon Smith is seeking treatment and will miss the next game. Davis still hurt, Willis is hurt . . . still plenty of time though. They should have a bunch of players coming back in the next several weeks. Hopefully they can stay competitive until then and get their rookies some quality playing time. Reid looks like a beast out there.

Maybe the piss takers haven't made it to Seattle yet, that should be good for a couple suspensions at lest.
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Plus they face a team next week that really has their number.
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what a boring week of games. frown.gif
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I didn't get to see any games today. I'm in the SF area for a few days, so a bit disappointed I couldn't make it to the Colts/49ers game.
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