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Okay, now they need eight rouges. That's gonna be harder to achieve.
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So the 15yd taunting penalty didn't cost the Seahawks anything after the holding penalty on the kickoff...
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Should we expect a whistle for penalty on every snap?
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Fucking spread is only 11.5! WTF?
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This is fucking pathetic. Fuck you, Seattle.
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Originally Posted by grundletaint View Post

This is fucking pathetic. Fuck you, St. Louis.
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Somebody check on L'incandescent!
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The Rams are assholes for giving me hope and then calling that bullshit series of plays at the end.
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That blitz was the perfect play call by the Seahawks though. And the Rams had an empty backfield and no hot read lol8[1].gif
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Terrible play calling by the Rams at the end of that game. Great defense by Seattle too.
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did not understand why Seahawks did not take a timeout when it was 1st and goal for the rams with like 1:40 left. Happy with the outcome, but if Rams had scored it would have been a major point of issue.
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Amazingly, Dez Bryant is not the biggest knucklehead wide receiver from Oklahoma State.
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Lets hope Broncos Coach is OK after visiting the Hospital today.

Possible Heart attack?

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I hope Fox is OK too.

To any worried Bronco fan. If called upon, I would coach the Broncos. And I think I could win most games.
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