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lol @Ambulance Chaser
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Bills and Jets on the remainder of the schedule. The anticipatory irony of beating NE and then getting knocked out of the playoffs by these two is delicious
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Have some faith, H. Also, NE has a tough 2 games ahead.

And thanks.
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Game just started, but already the Rams are dominating the Saints! (Interception and touchdown.)

EDIT: And now another interception! You can tell the referees are trying to hand this game to the Saints (false late hit), but the Rams just keep overcoming adversity.

Woohoo Rams gave the Saints a taste of they own medicinal herbs (unexpected onside kick)!
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I hate Matt Flynn.
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Hey there's a reason they call the Rams "America's Squad." Great first half!
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Lol Cowboys.
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Where is Nil?
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Romo gon romo

Being a Dallas fan must be stressful
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Dallas crackup[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Wade View Post

Romo gon romo

Being a Dallas fan must be stressful

You're damned right.

The Cowboys have so many issues, its exhausting to even try to break them down.... but Romo IS a problem.

But he'll dodge most the criticism like he always does.
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Colts had a good day. smile.gif
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He should play until 7:00 left in game, then yank him.
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Tony Romo has thrown an Int 7 times in 4th quarter/OT w/ his team tied or leading by 1 possession, nearly twice as many as any QB since '06.

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Also if I were a Cowboys fan I would be 100% okay with Dez Bryant leaving early. Somebody needs to tell Jerry Jones, Tony Choke-o and Jason Garrett to go fuck themselves.

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