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remember when the Oilers announced that they're naming 7 players as captains? Just pondering.
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For those of you into fantasy hockey -
Probably the best 3 minute fantasy rant ever.
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anybody watching this MTL v CHI game? Unreal
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yeah, great game. MTL had the pedal to the metal the whole time, and both crawford and price played really well.

noel gets canned in winnipeg. the only surprise is that it took so long.
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all these outdoor games are lame. Yankee stadium will be 75% empty for the game on Wednesday. It's going to be like 5 degrees out. And the Islanders will be there.
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Brodeur gets the nod because of his history, lets in 6 goals. SMH.
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it was like 6 goals on 21 shots.

blamed bad ice and bad luck.
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I understand wanting to thank him for his years of service, but if the devils miss out on a playoff spot by 2 pts they will be kicking themselves for not going with Schneider yesterday.
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step 1: trade 9th overall draft pick for schneider in what is arguably a fleecing for your team
step 2: put schneider on the bench in favour of a 60 year old brodeur struggling to stay at .900% sp
step 3: ????
step 4: profit
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Played in a beer tourney up in Lake Placid this past weekend, went 4-0 to win our division. That beer league glory.

Got to play on the 1980 miracle about a huge sheet of ice. Cold as shit up there.
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what is going on with CHI? Their play is so lackluster.

as I typed this, Hossa put in a PPG facepalm.gif

edit: now they've tied it and made me look like a real idiot haha

edit2: and now Toews helped me in fantasy
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Scrivens with some NHL records icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Most stops in a shutout.

First goalie to use the work inauspicious to describe pre-game warmups.
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no Stamkos for Canada
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Originally Posted by gomestar View Post

no Stamkos for Canada

i read this on my phone at the gym when there was a class of 20 or so middle-aged ladies in my area. headphones in, and totally taken off-guard by it, all i said was "fuck." cue every head in the room looking over and shooting me dirty looks.

anyways, to be more expressive about it:
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phew... shog[1].gif
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Dat feel. shog[1].gif
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