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National Hockey League 2013-2014

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With the preseason nigh upon us, it's time for this year's incarnation of the NHL thread. 2 more weeks icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

I'm interested to see how the new Conference / Division setup pans out. My poor Flames are going to be the punching bag of the Pacific Division for sure, but I'm looking forward to some new rivalries. Detroit-Toronto should be a good one, especially with Alfie a Red Wing now.

I'm also pretty surprised how many UFA's are still up for grabs. Morrow, Bryzgalov, Raymond, Cleary, Brunner, etc. You'd think these guys would snap up a 1 mil/per deal just to keep playing.
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And just like that... Burkie finds work again, this time with the Flames. Unsure of what feels to feel right now.
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Burkie is quite the arrogant SOB but he does get enough right to make him sought after. If anyone can turn the mess in Calgary around he is as good as is out there right now.

Feaster is a puppet GM under this scenario so he is on a very short leash I would think.
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dear NYR:

sign Stepan right now.

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Originally Posted by jarude View Post


i'm wondering if Bryz might end up in a place like Buffalo.
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Hahaha... Glass houses, throwing stones, etc.
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i can't stand reading any Canadian news source anytime Toronto signs somebody
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I love the comments... It inevitably turns into a pissing match between each Canadian team
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oh god, don't remind me. The comments section of any TSN article is one level below a playground spat.
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The only good thing about comments sections for news sites is how they effectively identify candidates for a eugenics program.
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Am I an asshole if I tell some guy "don't fucking do that" when he dives into my net in some wannabe playoff overtime heroics defensive display during pickup?

This is the same guy who shot the puck at me with my back turned during warmups and routinely gives the puck away in front of my net ffffuuuu.gif

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People play defense in pickup? biggrin.gif
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Ha, fair enough. I guess I should be happy he made an attempt...

2 on 1, guy shoots and it goes off of me then off the glass and bounces to the bottom of the circle. I try to get back in my net from the top of the crease but dumbass has sprawled into my net, preventing me from going anywhere as I watch them make an easy tap-in. "Don't fucking do that!!"

I feel like if people actually played goal and realized how shitty it was when a puck goes in largely due to skater idiocy, they'd actually think about what they're doing.
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giant contract for Hodgson in Buffalo. Yikes.
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