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Well, the thing is, if you are ordering from a store on Yahoo Auctions it's a good idea to check if that store has a Rakuten page where you can have the item shipped directly to you instead of through a proxy. The difference can be about 2000 yen. I know this can't be done with private YA sellers. Didn't know FJ had that option regarding value declaration, could have saved me $200 :facepalm:

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Just re reading this thread.

I have not tried other proxy service, but I have been using SuToCorp for a number of years and have not had any issues (knock on wood). They have been prompt and courteous in responding to my inquiries and updating me with my order status.
They also have occasional promotions giving you a break on service fee wink.gif
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I'm also looking after a proxy service, but specifically I need something that will do in store purchases (in Tokyo). This puts sutoCorp and fromJapan out.
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From Japan is having a major design overhaul sometime today (Tuesday the 13th). Includes support for mobiles and possibly an app.

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I guess this is the official japan proxy thread?


a little rant about Fromjapan...


I bought an item through them but the merchant apparently didn't have the item in stock and took 2 months for me to get the refund. Now, it's not entirely fair to blame FJ for this incident but it didn't seem they made much effort to rectify the situation since I always had to email first to get a response. 


FJ also said they don't have any protection if the merchant refuses to refund them and that I am fucked if they never get the refund. It makes me wonder what kind of payment service they are using since I assume it's a company credit card which should have some sort of protection (I sincerely hope, someone correct me otherwise). Apparently it is in their t&c that I am SOL if they don't get the refund.


In addition, they didn't provide any kind of compensation for this issue... I was about to file a chargeback at 2 months but they magically got the refund somehow at that point. Strange. It'd be nice to get at least some store credit or points but none of that. It is what it is....


Fastforward a month or two, ordered 3 items from them. Accidentally didn't instruct combined shipping and the first arrived item was about to ship since I instructed it to. Had to pay 2000 yen repackaging fee (it's 1000 yen at zenmarket) as well as late/storage fees (100 yen per day). So I ended up paying 900 yen since I had to wait for the other 2 packages to arrive. 


Now, that was partly my fault, but do note that zenmarket lets you store your item(s) for up to 45 days w/o fees ( After that, it's 50 yen/day.


Ok so I paid all the fees and got it shipped finally.... It's been 5-6 days now and it is stuck in customs for some reason. My friend got his item in 2 days after being shipped (sutocorp). Same shipping service: EMS. 


Overall, it's been quite a frustrating experience with FJ lately since I haven't had a problem with them before (used their service more than 5x. Their responses which take 1 day usually are almost always the same... just some vague message about they're working on it and such. Not personal at all.


It ended up sounding like a big zenmarket ad, but I am not affiliated with any proxies unfortunately. Heard quite a few good things about them so I just compared their prices to FJ. Not entirely sure how the other proxies (white rabbit express, buyee, macatunes, treasure japan, etc) are since I've never used them so please comment if you have any experience with them.


For the time being, I'm done with FJ.


ps- please feel free to correct me on anything I have mentioned

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IIRC there's been a few people who have had disappointing experiences with FJ over the past several months.

I just had a very smooth experience with Japan Goods Finder, very quick responses and what I especially liked is they just send you a Paypal invoice instead of you having to fill out all those pages like FJ.
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Have had a few really good experiences with, and one really frustrating one.  Essentially. they are great and cheap if it's a straightforward case.

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There's very little in the way of consumer protection in Japan. A lot of transactions are via direct bank transfer, convenience store payment, etc. which provide no protection and make refunds a lengthy process. Credit card chargebacks are also extremely difficult and require a police report and a lengthy arbitration process. Like a lot of things in Japan, when transactions go well, the operations procedures are fantastic, but when things go poorly there's no flexibility and the entire system grinds to a halt. I can count the number of times I've been burned as a consumer in Japan on one hand, but when it happened I just sucked it up and moved on
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I occasionally offer proxy service for Japan stuff (depends how much money I have in my own account).

Just 2 or 3 days ago I did a Uniqlo service for one of our members here. My fee is I charge you the US price of the item and shipping. (I make money off the gap between the US and Japanese price). My service isn't that much cheaper than other proxy services..but I actually go to the physical store to look at the item, see which is the best one, take pics for the customer before buying. I send via Yuupack Jpost.

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What the hell..... Buyee just made me lose out on an item I wanted and canceled my account. I just registered......WTF? Has anyone else had this happen before?

We are writing to inform you that your membership has been terminated, and you will no longer be able to use our service.

We are not able to disclose the reason for this termination.
We apologize for any inconvenience may have caused.

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Guys, which of these proxy providers do actually facilitate an offer negotiation for a particular item listed as BIN? In other words, I am looking at a particular item that is listed BIN but would like to make an offer. The seller is open to offers. A proxy I got in touch with on this matter told me that this is not possible as their site is not 'equipped' to allow this to be done.
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