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Thrift Finds


Look, we all know StyleForum is home to some devoted thrifters – $3.50 John Lobbs, are you kidding me? – but they’re also a playful group, and are participating in an ongoing thrift scavenger hunt. Watch as thrift veterans complete a checklist, or join in and make a name for yourself. 


Cataloging Menswear


This thread is an ongoing list of classic men’s shops. Which are your favorites? Where do you go? Contribute, and be a good poster!




RRL, Ralph Lauren’s love letter to Americana, is a surprisingly good brand from a mothership label that doesn’t get a lot of love these days on StyleForum. Still, RRL can hang with the best of the Japanese repro brands, and everyone loves how deep the sales go. 


B&S Finds


Tom Ford Suede Espadrilles, 6 



Wings + Horns Wool Blend Blazer, M