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Hello everyone.

So, I went shopping with my girlfriend last night (I think I am ready to join a women´s shoes forum nowfacepalm.gif) and we came across a white blazer in Hackett. I have never really liked white blazers or suits, but she insisted on me trying it on, and while she totally loved it I am not sure about it. Since she was so convinced I got it, but now I am thinking about returning it. What do you think? How does it fit? Is a white blazer too over the top? I am 20 and it would be used in totally informal situations. 

I was just trying the blazer on, just ignore the rest of the clothes I was wearing at that moment.




Thanks for reading!

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i'd return that blazer asap also the whole outfit itself is very questionable.
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I was just trying the blazer on, just ignore the rest of the clothes I was wearing at that moment.

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the fit of the blazer is not good, but it's the rest of the outfit that brings it into "douche" territory
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that was what i was trying to say nicely.
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the solution is simple: have your gf buy it for you, then wear it only in the bedroom for dat white blazer roleplay. i'm thinking miami vice. you know, because of the handcuffs
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bcd the problem with that is his gf might start dressing him into douche mode regularly and he won't be able to escape without losing said woman in the process. although i do admit one of the best ways to get a woman these days is to dress like your a bit lost coming out of douche mode. they love to play house/dress up with you once your in you can go back to your regular mode and profit. she might be like what kind of sorcery is this how did he go from lost to next level?!? nod[1].gif
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Ok, definitely the blazer is going back. Since I am going to exchange it for another one from Hackett (I guess it will be similar), can you tell what is wrong with the fit so that I can get it better this time? Please consider that I have a thin waist and broad chest/shoulders (Because I have been swimming all my life) and it is difficult to find a blazer which is not too tight in the chest and fits the inferior end well . For example, I tried one extra size of the white one and it looked ridiculous from chest down. About the outfit, do you mean it doesn´t go well just with the blazer or there is something wrong with it?

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Ok guys haha I hadn´t read those two last reponses. I´d rather not pass through a "douche" phase, thank yousmile.gif About the roleplay... A Scarface role could be pulled ofrotflmao.gif

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fjtaguas let me tell it to you my friend since i am also from the foreign countries. whatever blazer you buy if your clothing is like that in general its going to be douchey look/vibe. that being said it is time to step it up my friend buy some quality pieces at your leisure. maybe a real nice pair of denim to start?

what is wrong with the current pair your got? i think in this updated modern world if you want to be really into style only mr ervell makes denim in that wash that looks decent which is still affordable remotely because it doesn't break $300+. also the said denim you have on is hanging off your backside.

step 1 buy a tape measure online/in person about $2-$7

step 2 measure yourself write down measurements

step 3 talk to jay at blue owl tell him maybe you are interested in wearing slim straight since this is the best to start with to get out of your comfort zone.

step 4 come back when you ready to buy another quality piece.

step 5 i don't think you really understand what i mostly just wrote

i would like to note that english is also not my first language and i understand what it is like if you have further questions you can feel free to private message me if you don't want to post. not being sarcastic.

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Being this condescending and not being able to form a coherent sentence doesn't mix well.
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Dude - you're seriously going to listen to the Horde and return a jacket that made your girl wet? That you bought yesterday? The jacket is not douchey. Your waffling, however...  


You're 20 and fit; the jacket is ok as is, but could be made much better by letting out the waist, and maybe losing a bit of the shoulder padding. Don't have an alterations tailor? Get one.


As for a fit suggestion - the jacket with jeans and an informal shirt (even a tee) is fine so long as you have non-shiny shoes. Even better would be some sort of trousers with a nice linen shirt and suede shoes.


You bought the jacket with your girl. Now you own it.

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White blazers are highly iffy.
Personally I think it makes you look like you're going to prom.
However with your build, YMMV. You could rock it.
But it is definitely not a half stepping kind of look.
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fit is fine on this, though shoulders do look a bit padded

the real question is whether you actually want and will wear a white blazer

a white jacket is a ballsy move, but unless you're committed to wearing it, it's unlikely to work.

once that's settled, there are a number of ways you can wear it...most are IDGAF/slightly ironic looks though.
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Go to a tailor, alter it to fit you better, and rock it. Fuck what we think, you're not living with us, you're living with your girlfriend.

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