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Thoughts on BB Suiting Essentials MTO

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Does anyone have any experience or insight on this little-discussed suiting program? It seems to be somewhere between their RTW suiting essential separates (not that impressive), and their 1818 RTW by Southwick. To me, a half-canvased suit where I can get extra trousers and in any size, can add pick-stitching and getting to pick my cloth and lining (albeit from a limited yet classic range) for about $695 seems like a pretty good deal (even cheaper with my corporate account). But was curious if anyone had any more info.

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I didn't know they offered MTM in the essentials line. I would imagine it's produced overseas with rest of the essentials line. Where did you hear about this? In store or the BB web site?
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I think I just confused MTM with MTO. I would say it depends on the fabric. The essentials line uses its own wool mix. If you are able to specify 100% wool it may be worth it. It just seems that with a F&F sale you can pick up a 1818 suit for about the same money.
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True, the BB sale rep told me in the next few weeks they will have a massive sale on 1818 suits, but I like the option of extra trousers, as I work in an environment where we are supposed to wear suits, yet when we are in the office, no one wears their jackets, so my trousers take far more wear than the jacket, so I like that I can add extra trousers with some tweaked features, like I could get a Fitzgerald cut with pleated trousers if I wanted, etc. I have a half-canvased unlined wool blazer that I bought from them last year that is made overseas in the same place, and have been quite pleased with it. 

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Makes sense. If you go that route please post pictures and your impressions. I need a couple more suits and price is a concern right now.
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