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Shorter t-shirts?

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I'm an average height guy (5'9") and have had trouble finding a source for plain colored t-shirts that are short enough for me. Most brands, such as AA, go most of the way down my jeans pockets -- ridiculous. So does anyone know of t-shirts that are about 24-25" long (after any shrinking)? A width around 18 to 20" (after shrinking) is fine on me. I'm not much concerned about premium quality here; I'm just looking for a good fit in a basic t. Thanks in advance!
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Do you normally wear a small or a medium?

Try H&M. Everyone has different luck there. Otherwise, I recently bought a few basics from Context Clothing, a brand called Apolis. I find them fitting shorter albeit much better in the arms and shoulders. They're not cheap, but they're not expesive at $39.
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I have the same problem. Older AA shirts were cut shorter, I think; I have a couple that fit me pretty well. I recently got some Uniqlo tees and they're way way too long. H&M ended up being the big winner here; great fit and they're like $6 a pop.
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H&M for sure for the solid colors. Obey tends to run short/smaller too, it might have to do with the really light soft material they use.
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urban outfitters have short T too.
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H&M and James Perse. Just be sure to try a couple on from James Perse, they're known to be inconsistent in length.
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You can have them shortened by a tailor. I can't imagine why it would cost more than like $5 each, especially if you bring in a bunch at once.
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I think h+m probably or maybe Gap. AA tees are all over the place. I have 3 from AA tees and they range in length from 25" to 29" post wash !! The white tees are sized especially big for some reason
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I have found that Jockey plain Ts are much shorter than other brands.
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H&M is short. After washing, they are shrink up another inch. They're also really short in the sleeves. I was working out in one that I washed, and shit, it started to look like a tank top on me, and I'm certainly no drizzt.
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I've just now noticed that i would like shorter tees too. Theyre all too long these days
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I have the answer for you.. Flat Head T-Shirts. I HATE with a passion shirts that are too long, i want all of my shirts to actually look like they're TOO short for me.. and the Flat Head Tees we've got do that perfectly, not to mention that fact that they're loopwheel made and have some really cool contrast stitching. If you want one or two of them call us up for colors and sizing.. 415-558-0658 currently we've got Sax (light blue), Red, and Black.. From this blog post:
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I have always preferred to wear casual cotton knits (long and short sleeved t shirts, cotton turtlenecks, henleys, and work-out sleeveless t's and tanks) short/cropped and untucked. Years ago I stopped wasting the time looking for the length I like, often not to be found anyway, and began having them shortened by the alterations person at my cleaners. No need to use my tailor for this simple operation. But as long as I'm spending about $10 per for alteration, I buy quality and wash them several times to make sure all shrinkage has occured before shortening, and that way there good almost forever.
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acne t shirts are really small... i tried one and it was barely covering my has a anice fit though and is a bit expensive
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If you dont mind using a proxy service, I have found some of Base Control's(check shirts to hit right at my beltline, which is great
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