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For Sale:
RLPL (Older ones, C&J handgrade) Brown. Suede. Captoes. Yummy! 9.5D

Will Ship To: Anywhere

You know you want them. Seriously, who wouldn't? I grabbed these from an eBay seller who didn't know what they had. Heels and soles are pretty much perfect- they look like they have maybe a week of wear. C&J handgrades, not EGs. From the "Polo" on the sole I'm pretty sure these are from the blue script label days of RLPL. 

I don't have the right tools to restore these shoes, so I attempted no serious shoe care other than treeing. One shoe is slightly squashed, but this will go away over time, and isn't possible to see unless the shoe isn't tree'd. The scuffs and scratches that are present aren't really visible in day-to-day wear. Some are rather deep, but, like I said, I attempted no restoration, and I'm pretty sure the nap could be brought back up fairly easily. 

I took a risk with these guys, but they didn't work out. I'm normally a 9E, and these are firmly 9.5D, perhaps even a little long for that!

I need rent money. Cash only, sorry!


Price includes shipping in the US. I will gladly ship internationally, but then the buyer must pay the difference.