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Brooks Brothers' "Natural Craftsmanship" Collection

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Brooks has a new line, entitled "Natural Craftsmanship". Brooks describes the line as follows: "Natural Craftsmanship -- a luxurious capsule collection dedicated to meticulous detailing and the highest standards of construction."

You can see the products here:

The products are priced higher than most of Brooks' lines, and look quite nice. Does anyone know more about this collection?
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Looks like BB is getting into the short tight Italian clothing fad, probably after it
has peaked. But then that has been their pattern for the past 20 years or so.
Reminds me of the "Brooks English" marketing program in the 90s.
My comments on it two years ago:

The Brooks English line was one of their many abortive forays into newer markets.
It was about 15 years ago. I have a couple of shirts that look very English from this time.
Decent quality.
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Thanks. Anyone else have any information on this collection?
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I tried on a few of the sport coats at their Washington DC store. Very nice fit and fabric. Made in Italy as well. Price point is very high and one of the sport coats costs as much as an 1818 suit. Might wait for one of their dependable "40% off one item" sales.

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They appear to be going after the RL clientele with this label. All of the prices are just under the prices usually charged for RL black label (also toted as being somewhat Italian and made in Italy). Shirts are around $300, cashmere sweaters for upwards of $1500. Just like RL I'm sure it will all be 60% off in 2 months.
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The district check jacket looks really nice. No way am I paying that retail price, though. I'd get something from some other makers for $1100 before BB/Caruso or whoever is making these for them.
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Are the suits and sport coats being made by Lardini?

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These seem to be full canvas, where the 1818 is half. There's your answer on the price difference.
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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post

These seem to be full canvas, where the 1818 is half. There's your answer on the price difference.

Good to know. $1100 full canvass is much more reasonable.
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Edit: nvm, you were talking about sportcoats.
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Tried on the donegal jacket from this line and was quite impressed. It literally fit like a glove and had all the features I'd been looking for in a jacket: nice soft shoulders, trim waistline, not too short or too long, unfinished sleeves, and not overly trendy (ie ultra thin lapels etc).

When this goes on clearance it's an insta buy.

I also tried on one of their OCBDs, and it too was excellently cut. Much better OTR fit for me than any other shirt, including the slim, xtra slim, and BBBF. Had full mother of pearl, high quality cotton, all the the things you always hoped GF would offer but never did! So I bought it using the 30% corp disc offer - the SA was nice enough to extend it to me even though it ended on Thurs smile.gif

I will probably become a regular BB customer again should this line stick around, it's that good imo.

The only downside so far is the lack of any wool trousers - only cotton is what I was told
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I agree on the pricing. These will likely disappear as soon as they go on sale.

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Looks like the entire line is on sale now at 40%. 

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No more landing page for Natural Craftsmanship on their website (cannot be found):,default,sc.html

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Click on "Men" then look under "Fall Sale." All of the Natural Craftsmanship stuff is now 40% off. I ordered the grey sport coat with the hacking pockets. I wonder if this was just an experiment for them. The whole line was prominently displayed in their DC store.
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