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My experience with passagio cravatte

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I haven't seen very much here about Passagio Cravatte but I read about it on Simon Crompton's site and decided to use them for some bespoke ties. I have a fairly old tie from the now-defunct Arnys shop in Paris and I wanted to see if I could replicate the look and feel of the tie, which was unlined, completely handmade 7-fold (tons of visible handwork) and specific length/width.

The process was slightly worrisome as I was required to wire money to an account in Milan with the promise of a tie later, so I started by ordering a single tie. I took delivery of that tie in Milan in April, and then ordered two more during that Milan visit. I've now received all 3 ties and I'm very pleased. The best part of the process is that you chose from a selection of vintage silks, so you end up with something that is fairly unique. I'm no expert in construction but I would note that there is a thickness to the handroll that isn't present in the other bespoke ties that I own and the quality of the materials strikes me as very high.

They are, however, very expensive at 175 euro plus shipping. I think the quality is consistent with the price and that they are worth it for something one-off or unique, or if you have a special request.

Some pics:

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I know Hugo Jacomet recommends them highly. May have to give them a try...
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